MikeyBugs 3D Design and Printing Ideas

And here I thought they were noses! :grin:

Well done for going through the pain of Blender’s vertical learning curve! I never managed to get a grip on it myself. One thing to suggest (to push the envelop!) is to put a few sharp-edged bulges in those sacks, like I always get in real trash bags…

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Good deal. The battery box is looking good.

I’ll definitely try that. Shouldn’t be too difficult with the method I learned but then again… It’s blender. But trust me, if I learned how to successfully make a nose, I’d probably be ecstatic. I’d bet it could be done with a similar process.

So far yeah. It shouldn’t too long to finish up but that depends on how distracted I get.

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No distractions! No distractions! :grin:

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New M813 update:

I’m going to try to include some filter mesh detail on the bottom of the air intake cap.


Nice. Hope it is ready to print/buy soon. I’m in for one set.

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I’ll use one set to finish my M813 with TPU. Once I do, I’ll order 2 or more from you (as a start).

I think the air filter is finished now.

The battery box remains unchanged. Is there anything that needs to be added?


They look good to me.

So I think this concludes the M813 battery box and air cleaner project. I also added a new front grill using rounded bars instead of flat slats and a version of the air filter cap that’s shielded. I’m not sure if it was used on the M800 but I saw it while browsing for pictures so I added it.


Very nice. The parts look great.

I updated the M813 hood product on my store. It’s now $21.80 with the new parts. I’ll set about printing it tonight to see how it comes out.

You can find it here: 1/35 M813 Hood Conversion, Mikes's MS Productions


I see you made the hard cover for the M1101. What’s the cost for doing the hard cover for the HMMWV

One thing I’d love to see if the 4-man soft top for the M998, so it can be fitter to the Tamiya M1025.

Verlinden did a conversion for the Italeri M998, both the 4-man command and the two door troop carrier. But it’s
Long OOP.

Yes. I know Italeri makes the kit, but I’d prefer to use the Tamiya M1025, much more versatile than the Italeri.


Looks excellent Mikey, great work!

Yes please!

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We need both versions. I wish I was cad smart and had a printer so I could stop begging the people who are good at this.


I don’t think I’d be able to pull off the soft top at the moment but I have been working on and off on another humvee related part for a while.

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You should out together a HUMWV set I’d buy them I would like to be able to convert the M1151 in to a M1152 contact truck.