MikeyBugs 3D Design and Printing Ideas

Ok, I just want to show off a little bit here. Here’s 2 renders of the same model. One made a while ago on the laptop, and one made on the new computer. Top is the new render, bottom is the old.

You might not notice the difference but the new one is 3240x2160 resolution while the old is 1800x1200. Uploading them to Armorama compressed them so the difference isn’t noticeable on the forums. The key difference, for me at least, is that it took about the same amount of time to render them - approximately 10 minutes.

Links to the higher resolution pics: new - https://i.imgur.com/yr3e5T4.jpg; old - https://i.imgur.com/mYY8Ffr.jpg


Bit of an ongoing new project.

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Also, the PA116 pallets printed. Mostly unsuccessfully. I’m thinking I have to separate the pallets from the cans.

Hopefully you figure them out. Maybe print all the canisters separate and then they can be stacked on the pallet and top piece? Seems like that would take a lot more time and resin though.


How are you making out with my stuff bud??

All is going well. I’m working on about 6 projects at the same time so a little here, a little there until everythings done. One of the upsides and big downsides of having ADD. I can focus on everything and absolutely nothing at the same time all while listening to music and watching a YouTube video about cleaning roofs.

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Great work on the butt stock contours!

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So a few days ago I cleaned up the PA116 print and it went as it has before - so not good. I’m just going to try to print the top as a separate piece and see if that helps.

Hope it comes out. Fingers crossed.

How goes the M809 battery box / conversion set too?

So far so good. Here’s the current state. I haven’t learned how to make diamond plate in Blender yet but I did watch a video on how to make garbage bags. So that’s neat.

Garbage bags! Not much but I finally learned how to make something entirely in Blender!


And here I thought they were noses! :grin:

Well done for going through the pain of Blender’s vertical learning curve! I never managed to get a grip on it myself. One thing to suggest (to push the envelop!) is to put a few sharp-edged bulges in those sacks, like I always get in real trash bags…

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Good deal. The battery box is looking good.

I’ll definitely try that. Shouldn’t be too difficult with the method I learned but then again… It’s blender. But trust me, if I learned how to successfully make a nose, I’d probably be ecstatic. I’d bet it could be done with a similar process.

So far yeah. It shouldn’t too long to finish up but that depends on how distracted I get.

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No distractions! No distractions! :grin:

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New M813 update:

I’m going to try to include some filter mesh detail on the bottom of the air intake cap.


Nice. Hope it is ready to print/buy soon. I’m in for one set.

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I’ll use one set to finish my M813 with TPU. Once I do, I’ll order 2 or more from you (as a start).

I think the air filter is finished now.

The battery box remains unchanged. Is there anything that needs to be added?


They look good to me.