MikeyBugs 3D Design and Printing Ideas

Unfortunately it’s been rejected again for the sprues. Time to do a complete redesign this time and have a chat with Shapeways support.

This may be a lot to ask but I would 100% buy a 1/700 or 1/350 Upholder/Victoria class submarine…

I can try but I’m not sure if I’d be able to pull it off.

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I appreciate you at least considering!
If it makes in any easier you could probably leave off the periscopes and sensors as anyone who bought it (Namely me… :sweat_smile:) could just scratch build them, so all you would need to make is the hull and conning tower. In 1/700 the Upholder would be a tiny bit over 3" and in 1/350 a bit over 6".

Just got this email from Shapeways:
Hi Stuart,
The model “1/35 M110 SASS with AN/PVS-27” that you ordered on the marketplace has been successfully updated by the creator and is now back in our review process!
**Have more questions? You can [contact our customer service team]
Shapeways Team

Thank you Mike- Stuart

Stuart, would you consider the FN FAL SSW (1/35)?

Yep, I finally was able to finish updating the M110 model last night. Hopefully it works now. If it does, I’m going to have to update the rest of the models I sprued out to match.

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Are you looking for the FN SCAR SSW?

“1/35 M110 SASS with AN/PVS-27”

No, it’s a specific update to the FN FAL that’s used by the Irish Army. The numbers involved mean the info is probably not out there…

Are you talking about the SA58 SPR or the DMR?

Hi Mike.
As of Feb 18, 2021 I received yet another squawk from Shapeways on the 1/35 M110 SASS with AN/PVS-27. I wondered if the “finest detail” material was part of the issues?

Many thanks,

Unfortunately that’s only part of the problem. I fixed the thin sprues but in doing so I removed the sprue that was attached to the barrel and from the two bipod legs. Now they are saying that those wires are too thin. Except this was something that was printed successfully before. Now I’m going to go back and see if making the sprues larger will help.

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The M110 w/ PVS-27 has been updated again. Hopefully it works this time.

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Thank you Mike. I appreciate your efforts and help. Honestly I do not know the status. As of Friday morning (8 EST) Feb 19, 2021, the Shapeways page is showing the item as NOT FOR SELL with the same error notice. Perhaps the Shapeways website needs time to update the status? It is still listing 7 days to fix. I am still interested in purchasing the item and hope we will keep fighting the issue. Thank you- Stuart

Actually I’ve updated it, Shapeways updated the page, then a reviewer took it down for one reason or another. Unfortunately they are now enforcing the 1mm sprue requirement very strictly. If you can, i suggest cancelling the order and reordering as “Print It Anyway.” If you can’t order using "Print It Anyway” I will be more than happy to order for you. It is looking possible that I won’t be able to design any more firearms because of this BS.

Thank you Mike. Yes. Most frustrating. I am please asking for your help with Shapeways. I am hesitant to cancel this item on the order as it is now advertized on the Shapeways website as “NOT FOR SALE”. I did send a request 2-19-2021 at 10 am EST via their comment page to “PRINT IT ANYWAY”, but I do not have a reply. Guess things seemed easier when you were running your own desktop 3D printer, right? All the best- Stuart

Actually to Print It Anyway, a check box is needs to be checked when ordering it.

Sorry Mike. No joy. The Print It Anyway check box is not available for the 1/35 M110 SASS with AN/PVS-27. This item is listed as NOT FOR SALE, therefore closing off the check option boxes. I please wonder if you have other ideas?

Thanks, Stuart

Oh, right I need to update and reupload the model first.