Military model depot Diane Bruner

Recently I checked out their website, I put a model in the cart and proceded to check out. when the total came to almost $75 I cancelled the order. I just couldnt afford that price . So far Ive gotten 2 “reminders " to complete my purchase . I answered them and told them that I emptied my cart and cancelled my order. they sent a second reminder. I answered again that I cant aford their price $ 64 for the model and $10 shipping one state away ). Alot of sites have free shipping after you spend a certain amount . This “lady” answered me by saying"thanks for supporting small bussines ,SCUM !” I buy off alot of small bussines but try to use the ones with free shipping ( over a certian amount) Im retired and cant aford what I used to. she has no idea how her custumers suffered during the pandemic. Ill never use mmd again ! DIANE BRUNER shoudnt talk to customers like that !


That’s ridiculous Lou. No business should talk to a customer like that under any circumstances. Totally wrong. I’ll be sure to avoid them

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Wow! and she doesn’t think small businesses thrive on word of mouth advertising? “Word of mouth” goes both positive and negative depending on how you treat your customers.
Not much of a business person. She owes you an apology.


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I don’t know who sold them my email address. Wish I knew….

I wrote to them over te weekend and complained about the “lady” she just wrote back and said and her words not mine ,“f**k off screwball”, I wouldnt trust my order with this nut !!

I believe this is one of several businesses with different names all owned by the same entity .
One of the other names is Internet Hobbies - absolutely terrible people - rip off artists. Google Internet Hobbies review and you will find PAGES of complaints. Had trouble with them myself.


Unbelievable. Id never trust them with my info !

Looks like she could indeed be a (close ?) relative of “Dale Bruner” :wink:


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So what Im reading is Military Model Depot isnt a “small business” as she claimes ,but a part of a big group ! Thank you everyone !

Thanks for posting Lou, it sounds like a seller to avoid at all costs. Best regards…Dale

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To be honest with you, her treating you like that before you bought is the best thing that could have happened. At least she turned you away before she had your money. Military model depot, Internet hobbies, hobby models, and I’m sure others are all owned by the same scum out of Pennsylvania.

They have terrible ratings with the better business bureau. They often take peoples money and then you’ll never hear from them again. I don’t know how the police haven’t kicked in their door yet


Your right about that ! Turns out their not so "Small Bussiness " after all , just large theives !

The sad part is they dont seem to care !=about all the bad reviews!

Nope they just rely on sucking in new people unaware.

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I don’t understand how given all the fraud complaints they have, and how many times visa has had to get involved that they have been hauled off to jail

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At least I hope they get put out of Bussinse so they cant ROB others

Unfortunately I don’t see it happening :frowning: they have very similar complaints from years ago. It seems to me when one of their businesses catches too much heat they just open a new domain name and start robbing people again.

The easiest way to tell it’s them, is they are lazy and use the exact same about us page on each website.

Only way they’d stop I think is if the authorities shut them down and took them to jail

And I don’t think local PD could do anything about it. It would have to be Postal Inspectors arresting them for Federal Mail Fraud or Homeland Security raiding them for Internet Scams.

Well at least we can try to warn as many potential victims ! Also they have alot of credit card numbers and info !!!

Yeah 100% this community is great for that. Since falling for their trap I check any new site I’m nervous about with people here first

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