Military Police Vehicles from Inception to Present

Hello all I have not had much luck finding any type of military police stuff vehicles, decals etc. I have found a few things like Motorcycle MPs and a V-100 even an mp jeep however was wondering if anyone may have come across anything I haven’t. Any Country would be of interest as would any time period, duce and a half to a military police Land rover to Humvees, Helicopters etc.



@TinyDog01 - I’m not really sure what you are looking for…
Many years ago I’ve built this MP Cruiser:

More on it here:

Currently I’m working on a V100. This is described here:

I actually would like to build two of them, the first one will be Air Force/Security Police, the second one will probably be US Army MP

And recently I have seen an american Humvee from the 317th MP Battalion on two different ocasions in my home town of Poznan, Poland - they were showing their equipment to civilians - a public relations stunts. Here’s a photo I’ve found on the net:

Not many special markings on this one and it’s interesting to see it is desert tan - we don’t have a desert aroud here…

Nowadays we, modellers have it so good, that if one needs decals you can design them and have them custom printed. Likewise if you need something like a red light or a siren you can draw it up and have it 3D printed. If you have anough data - references, sketches, dimensions - I can help you with decal or 3D parts design.

Let’s see what others have to offer - have a nice day



A few kits come w/MP decals. The above Tamiya M151A1, Tamiya’s WWII jeep, Academy M1025 HMMWV are a few that come to mind.

There are a few MP decal sets too.

[1/35 mp decals - Google Search

Most MP vehicles are light patrol vehicles; jeeps, HMMWVs, M1117, etc. You can take any of these, and a few others and add MP decals and a light or two and have an MP vehicle.

The key is to find a picture of an MP vehicle you like and try to copy it in 1/35.

I also built the Tamiya M151A1 as an MP jeep with the Bravo 6 MP crew. I used the kit decals, added a 1/32 siren/light from something, and made the rear wheel cover decal. I also used the Legend M151A1 update set on it, along with a few home-made update pieces.


TL-Modellbau provide some Bundeswehr Feldjaeger decals:

which would facilitate something like these:



and for figures:

A bit more up to date:


HeavyArty thanks for the link on the decals for some reason they didn’t show up when I goggled them.
I like the MP Jeep

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Many years ago I saw an MP diorama at a show. It was a stateside patrol dio with the Monogram 1/32 police car done up as an MP car and the Tamiya standing WWII MP painted up in a more modern Class A uniform. It looked pretty good, but I can’t find any pics of it now.

Used these sets.


that sounds like a neat idea I have the figure set.

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Thanks, BootsDMS for the German mp markings those look very interesting as do the figures. the G-Wagen looks like a good idea

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Pawel thanks for the pictures I have wondered how the 3d printing works I have heard other mention it
am watching the v-100 project.


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I’m not much of a modern Bundeswehr Ninja, but suspect that the G Wagen used is probably a long-wheelbase version; if so, MAD Modellbau do a conversion kit for the standard Revell one.

I haven’t shown the Iltis, and there is now one available in 1:35 from ACE Model, but I’m sure it would have been used as an MP vehicle somewhere along the line.

I have a plan to depict a 1:35 Munga in British Berlin service, replicating this:

from the early 60s, just not any time soon given my abysmal build rate(!)

The decals are key I reckon; it’s easy enough to scratch say, a pole and a blue light onto the base vehicle of your choice eg:


From Trumpeter

From Bilek



Hey Gino, you wouldn’t happen to have a couple of extras of that wheel cover decal you could spare would ya? Wayne

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American MPs in Bavaria in the late 50’s had (base model) 1957 Chevys. In the mid 80’s it was VW T3 vans.


No, sorry. I looked and I don’t even have the file anymore.

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@namengr - if you have the capability to print it, I can draw it up for you. Interested?

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That would be great.

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Can you give me the outside diameter of the sign? Millimeters would be great…

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Not sure, just the outer rim size of an M151 rim. Just measured and think it is 12mm.

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OK, I’ll give it a shot. I’d mesaure it myself, but I don’t have that M151 kit handy…

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Did this HobbyBoss Commando as a MP vehicle in Vietnam. The decals were from Echelon.