Mill - Gatehouse dio

Close , that’s a Walter Thor Peugeot bicycle poster , circa 1905 . A bit of a stretch longevity wise and very dated for the 1940’s but not out of the realm for vintage building art .
I’m very into vintage building murals . It’s a dying [ dead actually ] art . These were hand painted murals that were made to last . You can still see today French building ad murals that are over a hundred years old .
They’re not pasted on posters that were covered repeatedly by newer ads . These were works of art , made to last and huge , some covering entire sides of buildings .
So , an ad mural painted in the early 1900’s had a very good chance of being around 20 , 30 , 40 , years later .


Tim , a little follow up and clarification .
I should have digested your query to comprehend it a little more whereas it was more about the era than the validity of the building mural ads [ which is how I answered you ] .
First off you’re correct , the Walter Thor piece is an Art Nouveau work [ late 1800’s - early 1900’s ] whereas the Art Deco [ or Jazz Age ] art form was 1920ish to around 1940 .
The Thor ad art I’m using is actually a poster , I have no idea if it was used as large scale building wall ads . Although Peugeot wall mural ads were present . However , I liked the colors and the scene , which is why I chose to use it , regardless of it’s validity .
Traditionally building wall ads were just product names , although I’ve seen examples of both Art Nouveau and Art Deco building wall ads . All building wall ads were originally posters before being transposed to large wall ads . Some just product names and some with cans , bottles , people etc.
The fact that wall ad art still exists today from as early as the early 1900’s , which makes it over a hundred years old , makes early 1900’s wall ads in the 1940’s being around not that long .

Soooooooo , to make matters worse , now I have to say Tim’s always right along with Ryan …


No worries, I was only musing on probabilities given the nature of any advertising. I really like the ones you’ve got too, I guess as long as they look around 40 years old I’m sure the Dio Police can just ffffly away :smirk:


Glenn, you must stop sneaking these masterpieces in under my radar, :wink:, both the wood, and the stonework are amazing, something for us all to ogle, and admire, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

G, :beer:


Hi Glenn - looking good as always :smiley: Looking forward to seeing more!