Mini cordless drills

Looking for recommended types of cordless mini drills (like dremel) the little dremels seem to eat their batteries up fast and they aint cheap to replace looking for cordless types

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Just curious… why cordless? You’re going to use it 100% at your workbench, right? Portability wouldn’t be an asset.

Lidl and Aldi in Europe come out with this once or twice a year can be ordered online, have this for modelling and 2 dremals in van for work

For what it’s worth, I really like my Dremel cordless. I had a cabled version, never really liked it

And show us.

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Had one of these worked great for models but didnt like the idea of porting a two stroke Cylinder and died on me LOL But for kits it was very handy

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I have three Dremels and the problem I find is that they have too high of rpm. They melt model plastic. The Ideal drill(I think) would be where the rpm is lower then 5g. I am tempted to try the Tamiya Drill I think the smaller the battery the lower the rpm.

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Micromotor corded drill. Absolute speed control. No recharging or replacing batteries. Buy once, cry once.

Completely agree with you. But I could not find an analogue with speed control at lower revs. Someone share the exact information: company, model, Internet address.

I have two of those units from Lidl, and have worn two out, but both had done a lot of work. I add a Dremel chuck and a set of Exe-click Dremel cutting discs and ready to tackle anything. Btw, the worn out ones have contributed their batteries to my landing craft, and they are still good.

Variable speed. Charge last for months.

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Couldn’t find one on the internet. Please write the full index of the product.

The current product range from Dremel (too much speed/power):

Cordless drill by Proxxon (too much speed/power)

Apart from those two there is a lot of cheap electric drills, with battery or with cable.
Depending on the current situation the availability of products inside and outside Russia could be different.
Maybe Aliexpress (China) could be a possible source.
Maybe asking Google about the Russian words for “miniature electric drill” could provide a Russian source.

Less than 100 W power, preferably less than 50 W.

Grinding out large blocks of resin requires more power, drilling 0.5 holes in styrene requires a lighter drill running at lower speed to avoid breaking the drill bit and melting the plastic.

Google Dremel 865-85. Variable speed.

Thanks, I found it! It’s easier to find by the name “Dremel Stylus”. But it has a minimum speed (5000 rpm) like the “big” one. And I have such a Dremel 4000 and when working with a flexible drive, it completely suits me. In addition to rotation speed.

Thanks for the link. But for all, the rotation speed starts at 5000 rpm. For a long time I came across a tool on the Internet with a smooth adjustment of the rotation speed from 0 rpm, but I lost the link like a fool. Since then I haven’t been able to find one.

A cordless Dremel with variable speed.

got one of these just a paperweight now dead as a door nail speaking about the dremel pistol grip above

Back in the early 80’s,I decided to add an outlet connection to my work table,one of the sockets I did with a common dimmer switch which gave me complete control on my old one speed cheap Dremel.I must say it worked like a charm no more melting the plastic.I’m going to set up another for use now.

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