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New MiniArt kit is coming out soon, 1/35 #38025 Tempo E400 Hochlader Pritsche 3-Wheel Truck

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Way cool!!

I remember seeing these, or their descendants, late 60’ies early 70’ies, when we visited relatives in Germany.
They were accompanied by the hollow sound of their two-stroke engine which turned into a high pitched scream when they were hauling a load up a hill.

Very interesting, I like it.

I like it too - here I thought the Brits and the Japanese had a monopoly on oddball three wheelers.

BMW / Isetta.
Two steering wheels front, single drive at the rear

Messerschmitt KR400, two seats behind each other. The only way to pilot a
Messerschmitt without a pilots license

There was also the Borgward Goliath F.400

Rear wheel drive


1931-1934 Goliath Pioneer :


1950-1969 Fuldamobil :


When you need that bad-ass look for your 3-wheeler and you really can’t afford a real hot-rod :rofl:

1933 Framo Stromer FP200 :



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:heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

When you can’t afford a Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupé

There was also a cabriolet version of the Framo Stromer

If streamlined profiles are not your cup of tea, the 1932 Framo LT 200 is for you :wink::


No driving wheel…The “handlebar” reminds me of a tiller.


Easy access to the engine at least :rofl:
That one almost qualifies as steam punk

love it. Only thing is: it is Miniart, so soon after the initial release they will bring out alternative versions with likely more colorful decals and a lot of extra’s. So think I will wait a bit and not end up with buying three versions like i did with their MB delivery vans…

Though I’m not particularly fond of the announced kit release I have to admit I do like the Fulda . . . .


. . . this little guy looks like it’s right out of Disney’s “Cars”! :blush:

And we all know this as Erkel’s whip,

But I’m confounded why no one makes a 35th scale Citroen ID 19 !!!???

Cajun :crocodile:

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I’d love a model of the Citroën DS

or maybe even the Citroën SM

Engine by Maserati … 220 km/h or 137 mph back in the early 70’ies
packed full of high-tech engineering … needed mechanics with almost
a degree in rocket science … but what a beauty :heartbeat:

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From the same manufacturer, Tempo Werke, came a 4x4 vehicle named Tempo 1200 G.

It has TWO 19 hp engines directly mounted to the axles. it was tested from Wehrmacht but not accepted. I think the Swedish Army bought couple of them.*

Yep, we bought some of those.
Tricky to drive, it was easy to cause an accident by rolling the car. There were some deaths caused by this …
When the four wheel steering was engaged the driving rule book said that 20 km/h was the maximum allowed speed …

The Swedish Armour and Military Vehicle museum has one of them:

Tempo’s PR department worked hard all around the globe to promote sales: IIRC the 1200 was bought and used in action by Finland and Hungary, while Chile or Brazil got some too and was tested by Portugal amongst others.


When you need to drive a car with a bike license only.


  • dutik

Be nice if someone could do the Lambrettas that were so plentiful in Vietnam, in plastic. As far as I know the Joe Fix Studio is the only one around and is too pricey to add more than one. The Arii Diahatsu midget is close. Wayne

I fully agree Wayne…And the Midget is a valid Plan B indeed :wink: