Mixing different primers and thinners

Just a general question. I’ve just done quite a bit of priming with AK primer. I used Mig Ammo thinners. Seemed to work ok but it seemed to over thin the primer. I was wondering if it was me. (Nah couldn’t have been. :upside_down_face:) Or maybe the AK and Mig Ammo aren’t compatible.

So question - Who mixes different thinners, primers, paints etc from different manufacturers? What’s your experience? I could use water as the AK primer is ‘almost’ thin enough.

Well,I only use rattlecan primers,but I think the same rules that apply to different manufacturers paints would apply to primers.I have successfully used Vallejo thinner and Flow Improver with AK acrylic Paint,and lacquer thinner with Tamiya and AK-Real and any enamel thinner with any enamel paint,if you stay in the same family you should be okay.

I believe that Mig had a hand in Mig,Ak and Ammo so the acrylics are probably close to the same stufg.

Second this! If you stay in the same family you should be good to go