Model display/dust protection ideas

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Now that I’ll have a couple completed models soon, I’m starting to wonder about how best to display and protect from dust my completed models. Not looking into anything crazy/over the top/expensive, just good enough, ha. My first thought is an acrylic type box that can rest over a shelf, but what I found for custom dimensions seems a bit spendy. Maybe that’s just how it is, just wanted to check first.


Glass and plexiglass are not cheap unfortunately.

I was using the Ikea Detolf display cases but they raised the price from $60 to $100 not too long ago, so I stopped at five.

Hobby Lobby has not to expensive cases in various sizes. Try going there

Try Offerup,Craigs List,stores going out of business in your area for good deals,got this one for $125.00 at a local house sale,holds a lot of models and pretty dust proof.


Try Amazon. Type in clear acrylic covers or containers. They also have a good selection of the same things in clear glass.If you think outside the box so to speak you might just find what you need. Bases can be made from many cheap materials, wood, plastic, glass, including mirrors etc. I find mine in the local dollar store craft section. With some stain or paint also from there you can end up with quite a nice display case at a reasonable price.
Good luck.

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Cool, thanks for the suggestions. Those other shops you’ve mentioned made me think of 2nd hand shops/Goodwill too… me lady likes to venture through those types of places from time to time. I was just wanting to find a box with a custom dimension for a single shelf of a shelf unit but ran into stuff like this, and I can be a penny pincher so was like hmmm. Thanks again!

@ knavejack. ’shopPOPdisplays’… Pricey, but you really get what you pay for. I can personally vouch for their high quality work.

Note: I have no affiliation with any companies.