Model show aboard battleship USS New Jersey August 5

Hi everyone,
if you’re anywhere near the Philadelphia metro area August 5th the battleship USS New Jersey is hosting their “modelcon 5” model show onboard in the ships ward room . While mainly a ship model show due to the location , I’ve participated the past two years as an armor modeler and had a great time interacting with the ship’s visitors as well as the other model builders. A big bonus is if you participate you’re allowed to tour the ship for free.

Some of my pics of last years show


Wow that is so cool. I remember about 20 years ago there was a model show on the Intrepid carrier in Manhattan. I recall having a great time. Wish I had the time

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Oh yea, that was a great show ! My brother was living in Jersey City at the time and I drove the family car up to his place to spend the night prior , he dropped me off the next morning & had a car for the whole day. I won a years subscription to Military Modelling , which blew me away !

What a cool venue … hope it goes well :+1:

I remember bringing a few models that day but specifically an Israeli M113 Zelda. I won something but can’t remember what. Any way it was a great day.

My cousin Peter Torraca is in charge of the restoration and maintenance of the aircraft on the USS Intrepid. He has videos on YouTube if you are interested? :saluting_face:

Looks great,wish I was still close to the area.

If anyone gets to go to the show, please check out this:

I bult it, and donated it to the ship. It’s on permanent display in the Ward Room.

If you do get to see it, please let me know your reaction.


I don’t remember what I entered, but here are the awards I dug out

Also, if I remember correctly, the Military Modelling subscription was for junior best of show.

Cool. I have mine somewhere in a box with the rest of my medals.

Nice. About how many folks are expected to attend this show? Its quite a drive for me in Charlotte but not if I make a long weekend out of it. I have only been to PA a couple of times but never NJ/NY.

Not really sure, the past two years I’ve participated we had the wardroom as well as the fantail as display space with a local IPMS club (Delaware Valley Scale Modelers) and a handful of other modelers as well as the ship club group who organize it. Maybe a few dozen participants in all but the organizer tells me this year they have only the wardroom as for whatever reason his club won’t be able to participate as strongly as in years past. Maybe contact them later in July to inquire about registration numbers to decide if it’s worth your time ?