Modeling bench recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good modeling bench for very small spaces? Trying to get things set up to start building again. Some I’ve seen just don’t have this set up that I would like. Someplace where it’s going to space for me to sit close with a chair, but also accommodations for tools and lighting. Thanks!

A small table?

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WHat i use is a Campaign style desk that I bought on World market, which works nicely for my needs, but any small desk would work.

If there’s an IKEA near you, may I suggest…

KULLABERG Desk, pine, 431/4x271/2" - IKEA

Solid pine work surface metal legs. Drop a plexiglass top and voila.

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I’m finding as I get older that sometimes that I like to stand.
Maybe find a table that adjusts up and down?

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In that case…

MÅLSKYTT / MITTBACK Desk, birch, 551/8x235/8" - IKEA

Pricier, but still made in solid wood.

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Check out local used furniture stores. Bring your tape measure.


this is even better.

I agree. Look for sturdy, not wobbly. An old drafting table works really well for me.



I bought a solid oak table that was covered in thick red gloss paint. I stripped it and refinished it…

I built another out of plywood for the top and sides (box apron). Oak for the legs and stretchers connecting the legs.

Wobble is an easy fix as long as the joints are solid.


Definitely agree with sturdy & adjustable height. Getting the work surface height correct for you to be comfortable working is very important.


All great suggestions. Thanks! If I cannot find exactly what I’m looking for I may build one or buy a good base and add on as needed.

Thanks again all


I’m fortunate enough to have a basement bedroom for a hobby room but have been thinking about a hobby space at the cabin/cottage. I’m pretty fed up with hauling a box of modelling stuff 6 hours out of town and through the mountains only to discover I’ve forgotten my opti-visor/ #11 blades/glue/primer/whatever. Having a stash their would be great.

I need something that can be hidden away (ie won’t irritate the lady of the manor) and am starting to lean toward something like this:

Small hobby area

Some of the prices I’ve seen for these are pretty ridiculous but the construction seems fairly straight forward.

Just a thought.


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This may be helpful:


Definitely like several of those work stations. For the very budget minded like myself two particle board shoe racks can provide a lot of small shelf storage for a low cost.


Wow! That’s a bit out of my price range and I don’t have enough real estate in my man cave for that monster. But it is amazing. Perhaps someday when I retire and have nothing better to do except tinker on my models, then I might invest in that. Thank you very much for the suggestion though

I use a card table covered with plastic, ( taped down underneath) I just finished restructuring everything paints etc so everything is in a container of some sort, nothing is freestanding that could fall over or get messed up. ( Picture included


I like it. Simple and functional.

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Thanks. I like it better this way. as you said. More functional this way

This is what i use. Its 24 in x 17in . Ready for action this year!
Plus side its portable was a bought item as flat pack


What I found to be as important or even more important as the desk is spending time figuring out ways to store the various tools, paints, glues, and other supplies. Without this extra effort, the best desk in the world is cluttered and less efficient for working on. The desk needs to be thought of as part of the whole package.

Consider all the ways you plan to use it. Are you going to need somewhere to airbrush? Where will you’re paints be stored? How much trouble is it going to be to find the tools you want when you want them? Do you have room to layout a drawing, reference photo, book, etc.? Where is the model going to set while glue or paint dries? Are you going to cut corners on some part of the build because finding and getting the right tools is too much trouble? Can you see what you’re working on?

This is not to say that you have to wait until you find the perfect desk. But spend a bit of time coming up with a plan for you’re hobby area. And spend time trying to improve it when you identify problem areas.