Modelling armour in Ukraine crisis

Tiger model version is not in Ukraine. The closest is zvezda Terminator 2 or Trumpeter this version.


Hi Chris, thanks mate for the intell.
Trumpeter do the below….

That Leo 2A5 seems to be a model from the previous century.
Trumpeter has reused nr 00313 for their T-55 (which wasn’t good)
Given the release date and the fact that the number has been reused
I would say that this kit is very much out of production.
Possibly resurrected under the HobbyBoss label.
Based on the few very early Trumpeter kits I have seen I would rate
this kit as: “Run away as fast as you can”.
I could be wrong but I would be very cautious exchanging cash for this.
The first Trumpeter kits was made of some strange plastic (ABS??) that was
totally immune to styrene glues or solvents.


And I’m not 100% sure, but the red bursting thing with Chinese characters used to mean motorized on the very old Trumpeter kits.

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43 Ukrainian trees destroyed!

There is some excellent kit reviews on this site:

Along with a great selection of AM stuff for them.

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You would need new side armour, modify the front armour, even if you bought both kits and swapped turrets each would still need modifying, then you would also need the panoramic sight from the Trumpeter Kazakhstan version as well as the stowage bins from that version and a thousand other small changes, by the time you have done all that Trumpeter will have probably released it

What HobbyBoss kit you’re talking about?

Hobby Boss made 11 versions so far:

metal barrels has the tiger model

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T-62 with barrel mods….


Mmmm, he’s come up short. Probably worn out the barrel, awaiting a replacement.

pretty sure they take the barrels off for shipping like the bradleys. no? :railway_track: :steam_locomotive:


Interesting point, did not consider that possibility, but in turn it does look like its been through the wringer. :thinking:

JFYI …sarcasm :slight_smile:

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Nah, it is the Stummel, or короткая культя, version of the T-62.
Used for launching demolition charges in urban warfare.

I dunno know, Looks like nerf basketballs could be shot out of there pretty easily, I think for training?

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T-62 Eunuch for guarding the Vestal Virgins