Modelling books

Ive built several models, and still learning but when it comes to painting i feel i have not got the correct techniques to complete the painting process from the primer through to the weathering.
Does anyone recommend any good modelling books that would be helpful?

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What type of models are you specifically interested in building?

The paint techniques for glossy finished model cars, realistic figures, bare metal finish airplanes, worn starships, grimy armored vehicles etc all share some common ground but have different specific details.

For armor painting models with today’s generally fashionable techniques, I think Nightshift & ColDemonPl video’s are more valuable than any books available.

Nightshift’s Armor Modelling- YouTube is outstanding. Likewise ColdDemonPL Armor Modeling- YouTube , Cold Demon has many videos where he explains specifically how to paint and weather given items. Sometimes several different ways.

HTH, I’m not really into other areas of modeling to provide input.


Thanks. I should have stated but it armour. Thanks for your help and advise.

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Maybe worth a look ?


Shep Payne original book is a great resources. There’s a new version out which has kits from other builders that expand on Shep’s techniques and influence and it contains the bulk of his book also. I believe his original might be out of print so it might take some searching.

Likewise the publisher for Fine Scale Modeling I think is Kahlmabach books or something like that. They have a basic building book, one on armor and so on. They are a solid general read.

As mentioned above, YouTube has a wealth of channels, I bet I follow no less than a dozen or so different pages. Seems like each one covers basic to advance stuff. Do a general search on plastic models and you ‘ll discover hundreds of great videos.


Thank you.

Thank you

Another choice:


I find AK Interactive to have an amazing amount of research put into their reference books.

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I like YouTube videos, but the advantage of a book is that you can easily go back to the thing you need to focus on. The AK books look good. You might consider one of the Rinaldi Studio titles like: