Modelling season in Ontario

Bring out your extra thin cement and blow the dust off that stash -

-it’s modelling season now!

(Right after I shovel that !@#$& driveway)


Looks good from here,but for me any season is modeling season

Looks like a November MedMan… But more trees lol

Noice, keep that stuff up there.

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You shouldn’t worry. If I lived in your area I’d sell my snow blower and use a broom.


You know it brother! Wisconsin is a little better.

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I haven’t bought a snow since moving back to NC 20+ yrs ago. The good lord sometimes provides snow and then he takes it away. Usually within 24 hrs. For the most part it’s either snow briefly or ice. Not shovel is going to break the ice.

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We get “powder” here in the Colorado mountains — easy to lift and toss aside — maybe a broom followup as an excuse to stay outside… and done! :snowflake:

Reminds me… I need to put the sandbags back into the pickup bed. We have “black ice” and the lighter the snow dusting, the more slickery it gets. :ice_cube::oncoming_automobile:

Happy modeling!


Looks pretty similar to what’s going on weather wise here in Quebec. Not enough snow for X-Country skiing just yet but too much for the ten speed. Time to put some glue to plastic (or resin) for sure. I’m in my third year of retirement so it’s always a great day for the man cave. Cheers from La Belle Provence!