Monogram 1/25 Chevy S-10

I debated if I should post this here or the car side. I mean it’s a truck but let’s be real it’s not a truck truck. Anyway picked the kit last night at the hobby store.

I want to make a 1982 model. How can I get there from here on this kit? From what I recall my truck had the Isuzu 4 cy engine, so this might be a curbside build which I am ok with if need be. I had a single exhaust and the interior was a bench seat w/ a manual transmission. Anyone know where parts can be found?

Thanks in advance

Well its a pick up truck, so its good here as far as I’m concerned.
Are you going to build it as a brand new look or a bit up which typifies how these trucks normally look?
Andy :slight_smile:


So my truck was not new when got her so it will have some wear and tear but not a beater upper (expect the bed) if that makes sense.

The Revell 1978 GMC pickup has a bench seat. Then can’t you just leave the center stick out and fill the hole?

Not familiar with the kit but looking around it appears it is molded into the tub, is that correct? Won’t the body width be different so I couldn’t swap them out?

The interior looked very similar to this. 1992 Chevrolet S-10 - Pictures - CarGurus

As I recall the bench was cloth not vinyl bench.

Correct, it’s one piece molded together with the tub. I assumed that you already expected to do some cutting and scratch building to replicate your 1:1.

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This kit has a separate bench seat part which may be the correct size. Matte paint and/or flocking may achieve the cloth look over vinyl.


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Yes, I do expect it. I have to make some cuts to install the 445 ac. The kit already has the sliding rear glass but not the sunroof that was installed before I got it. So four open windows and 45 mph is how I cooled down in that bad boy in the Carolina summer heat. :joy:

Thanks for the tips. I will try to find either kit though the Datsun seems the better choice.

On a whim I looked in some old boxes and found a Ford Bronco back seat that might work. When is it warmer I need to find the photos I might of the truck to make sure the trim package is close. The paint was a sport two tone overall dark blue with white bottom.

yeah, that might work.

Definitely a truck the way I’m seeing it! And a Chevy, so double-points to you Ryan :grin:

Looking forward to progress reports coming through, a cool project with a personal twist is alwasy fun.

Cheers, D

Thanks, I will update when I can but I am slow builder and this is still in the research phase.

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Looking forward to this one. I’ve thought about getting this kit and building it with a small block V-8.

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Thanks for following. At $20 it appears to be a decent kit.

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Was able to find some old photos of girl and one of the GM keys for her. When complete it will either go in the bed or on a base in some fashion.

The grill and rims will need to be changed. Anyone know of any options?

The rims look like the parts out of the Revell '77 Chevy Van #85-7221.
Kit box art:–143379

Wheel parts:

I don’t know about the grille.

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Thanks, I will see if I can get those parts.
Would this work, it appears similar?

If you cannot find anything on grille, anyone have any ideas on how to make one?

I think if I am looking at this correctly, my truck was a long bed and the kit is a short bed. Not sure how I can over come that. Maybe I just build the kit as a representative of my old ride instead of a replication of it. :cry:

Round 2 rereleased the MPC '78 Dodge D100 Pick-up Truck–1211453
Long bed. Sure it’s not GM but it is 1/25 and similar lines to model it into your Chevy.

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Maybe for the price and so you don’t have to buy the whole kit.

These are the parts from the '77 Chevy Van kit

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