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Ain’t that the truth lol

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Is there a local VFW ?

Do they even sell kits like that? How much is going to cost? :smiley:

I don’t think it is still in production, but they weren’t cheap then and definitely aren’t now.

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@TopSmith Greg, unfortunately our local VFW is not equipped to house such large size model. So, no burno.

@Nightgaunt, I am sure you can still find this if you look hard enough. However, when it was purchased about 15+ years ago it costed little over $800. It was not cheap back then either.

Now, this got me curious to see how many here are like me that love large scale kits of Air, Sea, & Land but how many are really building them because they have space or don’t have space but still purchase/build them.

For example, I have 1/72 B-36, B-52, 1/48 B-1B w/ flaps/slats set, 1/200 USS Missouri, 1/72 paper model Space Shuttle Launch pad & Saturn V rocket Launch pad.

I don’t know where I’m going to put all of them but I still want them in my collection.

That railway gun had a 80 cm caliber shell (almost 31.5 inches),
divide by 35 and you are looking at 0.9 inches.
Barrel length was 106 ft 8 in which comes to 928 mm or 36 inches.
That kind of shell fired through that kind of barrel would go straight through the
neighbours cat, their house and possibly the next house as well.

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@Robin_Nilsson, so what your saying is this will be very effective weapon against all the neighbors cats. Sounds good to me :crazy_face:

Loaded with small shot it would make a path of devastation across a few backyards …
Firing blanks it would at least scare the cats sh*tless, dogs would be howling for several blocks and car alarms would go off. Total mayhem :smiling_imp:

I bet my wife/mom howls upon seeing it on that table would be louder and potentially more devastating.


What table?