Mood Swings

Do you ever get a feeling no matter what I do it just ain’t going right for some folks? Its specially worst when it’s within your family.

Now, we have a beautiful morning with cool breeze blowing out of SSE and it’s in low 70ish for starters. Can’t ask for better here in NorCal in this time of the year when it’s 90-100ish.

Well, everyone woke up and had a mood swing. I don’t understand what’s going on.

Do you guys have these days?


Is your wife mad about her table?

What table?

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What house doesn’t need that gun?

Oh no never … everyone around here is always happy - never a a frown , grunt or tears … LOL !
The railway gun looks like it would make an interesting .22 cal rimfire project … hmm…

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That’s taking your right to bear arms a bit too seriously! :slight_smile:


You know what…you might be on something @brekinapez :laughing:

I had this in the storage unit and had to bring this back to clean it up and fix few small broken parts…then try to sell it.

Anyone want to purchase 1/35 Dora? The base is 7ft long. I’ll sell it cheaper then what’s it’s worth but you have to come pick it up :crazy_face:

I guess that depends on where you are?

Yeah, set that thing up with a motion sensor and take out the neighborhood cats that cr4p on your garden!

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@AussieReg Damian, funny enough I am having trouble with neighbors cats pooping around my house. I have dogs and their poop don’t smell as bad as cats. They are simply nasty. Dora with motion detector and connect to water hose should do the trick :laughing:

@brekinapez, I’m in Northern California 45 minutes north of Sacramento.

Man, you’re almost diagonally opposite me. I’m in Georgia. That might not be a good move from a financial viewpoint once all costs are factored in.

I’m also not ready to move out of my home if I were to do so, as I expect would be required of me upon my return.

Maybe we need a matrimonial category?

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I have noticed that mood swings are cyclical. 3 weeks to the good and 3 weeks to the duck and cover. they can change at the speed of a rat trap but usually you can get some feeling in the air when it is close to changing.

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It’s in the wrong room. Should be in the living room on the mantle over the fireplace. Mantle not large enough?? Time to add extension or maybe a new room onto the house.


PS: magnificent model you’ve built

@brekinapez, Yeah you long way bro. I can mail it but it might literally cost you arm and a leg :rofl:

@creading Charles, I think that the reason for negative vibes but mantle to small and barrow. The base is 7ft x 14in and the actual tracks are 12”x 81” and the Dora is 75”x19”. She’s a big gal but I ain’t complaining…only boss man giving me that look :joy:

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No rail line from NorCal to Georgia? :tumbler_glass:

Maybe we should wait till there’s a bullet train across states…right :laughing:

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Horse and buggy would be faster before that happens. CA’s internal line won’t be done til 30’s at the earliest.

If you’re skilled enough to build that monster, you’re qualified to widen and extend that mantle :grin:
Seriously, great build!
Put wheels on it and keep it in the garage?