Mosquito NZ2308 - fresh out of the mould

Last week NZ2308 took to the skies for the first time, and this weekend it debuts to the public at the Warbirds over Wanaka airshow.

I believe this is a trainer version, type T.43, converted from an Australian built FB.40.

I also believe an FB.40 is basically a Mk.VI type.

Thus…… I am wanting to build this NZ2308 in 1:72 scale. What would be a good kit to start from? Looks to me like the only 1:72 kit of a Mk.VI is Tamiyas kit 60747.

What would one need to do Tamiyas kit to modify it?

TIA! p.s, I usually only do AFV’s, so any tips would be appreciated, this will be a gift for someone else when complete.


I am probably wrong, but isn’t this now the only airworthy Mosquito in the world?

It’s the 5th to get back in the air believe. Airspecs at Ardmore have now done 3 of those rebuilds

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I believe theres 5 airworthy as of now, 4 restored in NZ, 1 in Canada.

The Canadian one resides in Canada, and all of the NZ restored ones are in the states. This recently restored one is also headed for the states.