Motor Pool 2023

Never Mind. This is too frustrating.

Hopefully, I did this right. No badge design yet.
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Maybe a campains guru like @SSGToms can help you out?

No. Life is too short. Let someone else do it.

What is the idea for your build Gary? Maybe I can help?

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Okay, but this does not make much sense either?

Like petbat, I’m wondering what the concept is. Do you have a full description for the campaign. Also, keep in mind, there is a ‘Convoy’ (truck) campaign beginning in March… might be very similar to what you have in mind.


This sounds interesting. Would it be for staff cars, jeeps & other utility vehicles?


Is there no interest in this campaign? It sure sounded good to me.


It was supposed to be the land equivalent to the Hangar Queens campaign, but I’m not going to be involved with the running of the campaign.

The concept evolved a bit afterwards as Gary was having difficulty with the set up and more conversations were held in the campaign suggestion thread. It is not that simple to do.

I ended up starting a build for Light Utility Vehicles - Jeeps, etc, if you are interested Paul:

The trouble seemed to be a lack of Leader willing to run it and to promote it. I started my Convoy! campaign instead, and will be announcing Convoy pt2 shortly, along with Best Tank that Never Was pt3…

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Noooooooo… I must resist. Avoid that ‘Going’ button at all costs.



Especially if you need to buy a kit to join the campaign !

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I will indeed be joining in with the LUV build. I have had a lot of non modeling things going on lately and will be glad to get back to the fun stuff.

This build here is for somewhat larger vehicles such as command & scout cars? I would be interested in that too.


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