Gimme Some LUVin' Group Build

Group Build Title: Gimme Some LUVin’

Group Build Leader(s): @petbat

Group Build Description:

There has been quite a bit of interest in a light utility type vehicle build, so here we go…

The intent here is to build a model of a small wheeled vehicle that served in similar roles to the ubiquitous and iconic Jeep. It could be a basic transport for a small number of personnel, or it too could have gone through hauling cargo to becoming a fighting vehicle such as used by the SAS. The vehicle should have been designed to offer no armour protection for the occupants in original development, but ‘field modification’ add on’s are acceptable. Acceptable vehicles are:

‘Traditional’ Jeep type vehicles:
Willy’s MB, Bantam BRC and Ford GPW, GPA, Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen, Gaz 64B, Austin Champ, M151 (‘Ford Mutt’), Kurogane Type 95, etc

Other light unarmoured cargo/general purpose vehicles such as :
M274 Mechanical Mule, Supacat ATMP, etc, and light utility cars like the Austin 10 HP and Hillman Utility (Tillies), etc.

Included are the military versions of civilian based 4 x 4 vehicles like :
Land Rover Series 1, 2 & 3, Land Rover 109 (Think SAS Pinky/Dinky), Military Ford Bronco’s and Chevy CUCV, Toyota Hi-Lux used as technicals, etc. Rule of thumb on vehicle size - think a wheeled general purpose (utility use) vehicle that would normally fit comfortably in your average shopping centre carpark and still let you get in and out without taking out the vehicle next door!

Excluded are vehicles that were designed to be partially or fully armoured vehicles and larger type military vehicles such as:
HMMWV, UAZ-469, GAZ Tigr, Husky TSV, MRAP, etc. (we could do a build of these in the future).

The build is open to all scales, and any era from the birth of the motor vehicle to the present day.

Event Details: (Remember to click “Going” if you want to join the build!)

Completion Award: [Will update details with something soon!]

A Note about Awards:
To be eligible, the model must:

  • not have been started before the commencement date of the build - a photo of the un-started kit contents must be posted in the thread
  • be completed by the agreed end date - a photo of the completed model must also be posted in the thread. Completed means fully assembled and painted - weathering is optional.
  • be built exclusively for this build and not built as part of another build on this website.

Only one award will be granted per participant, however you can build as many models in the build as you like.

Having fun here is mandatory. Sharing progress pics, any special techniques you are using, references, etc, is encouraged.


I’m in!


Reminds me of Ron’s christmas build… might join again…

Edit: will join again…


I’ve got a 1/4 ton of kits to choose from! :grin:


This ought to be popular! I normally don’t do campaigns (I never finish) but I’m tempted with this one!


Land Rover WMIK accepted ?


Can it be fictitious? How about a 3-D printed dune buggy that is of a Sci-Fi, post-apocalyptic, or original CAD creation design? And does it have to be military or can it be civilian?


Haven’t decided yet if I’m going to participate, although I inclined to join in. Have some kits that are apparently will do, all in 1/72 scale.

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Thanks for the support everyone.

Absolutely. It’s basically a civilian Land Rover Defender on steroids.

I am leading this build on behalf of hudson29 (Paul) who proposed it but could not run it. Original proposal was for an actual existing military vehicle and I would like to respect Paul’s original intent. The Dune Buggy idea sounds perfect for this build though:


Count me in !
I have very nice resin conversions/update sets in the stash which will complete the Hobbyboss kit.

Thank you for your answer !


No problem. I have some LUV military kits as well. :grinning: Thanks for the answers.


HAHA! A couple days ago, while looking at my small collection of completed 1/35 models, I decided it needs a couple cars to give the viewer (me) a better sense of scale. I spent yesterday evening looking at almost every model listed for this campaign. :slightly_smiling_face:

Assuming life does not get crazy again, I will join when the time comes with a 1/35 Tamiya Kubelwagen, ICM Kfz. 1, Rye Field Volkswagen, or perhaps something purchased between now and then. An ICM Model T or Tamiya Gamma Goat would be fun.


Good to see you join up Doug.

Well there are some excellent modellers that have signed up already. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all produce.

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I have a Bundeswehr Mercedes G 230 “Wolf” in my stash. Qualified?


Hey, I’m thinking about the MiniArt Bantam BRC, but I really ought to do one of the 1/72 kits I have laying about. I do have a question on a kit that hasn’t been included or excluded, the Dodge 3/4 ton truck, it think it was the WC. Is that in or out?


The G-Wagon fits in fine Torsten. Would be good to see you on-board.

Ha ha Mark. I umm’d and ahh’d about this one and hoped no-one would raise it, nor the Steyr 1500’s, etc. It muddies the water a bit. Whilst the Steyr 1500 A had a staff car version, and Patton had a WC-57 as a staff car, generally these types of vehicles are considered more of a light truck and the WC series is mostly referred to as a truck. The intent here is to keep it aligned to Jeep/passenger car types, so I’m going to say no to these.


Thanks, I just saw it as I pondered the stash and wondered. As I said my first choice is the Bantam. But in a time crunch a have a bunch of 1/72 LUVs.


LOL :laughing: just re read the edit on the rules. I guess not damaging the car next to me in the carpark leaves out my Meng 1/35 Ford F-350. Hell, I have enough trouble parking a life size F-150. :wave:


Yeah, these types have a tendency to be parked over more than one bay here in Australia too:

The bus is in just 2 bays, these other guys are taking up 3 or 4!


what a douche… Anyways.

I’m bringing a Schwimmwagen to the party.