Always wanted a decent model of this , had the skiff kit , used it as a paint mule , got the trumpeter one and putting a bit of time into it.


The trumpeter kit is really nice. I have seen a few builds of them with the full interior done and they look really good.

The only bit i dont like is the periscopes up front dont line up with what i see in the references on line . Other than that its a solid kit .

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Painting the interior , alot of masking , green first , then white .


Some oil work on the hull top


Almost done with oils and weathering on the inside


As is my norm I have the Skif kit in my stash; whilst I appreicate the likely superiority of Trumpeter how is the Skif version?

This is about all I’m using from the kit. Even this part was molded on top of the hull - I had to sand the hull out from underneath it.

Brilliant! 'Nuff said!

Depressingly perhaps, I know I’ll soldier on, albeit perversely, with the Skif one.

I made that kit years ago…detail was soft and the tracks pretty bad , didn’t look tooo bad when done .

Well, sounds like a target for my usual methodology then: mud, camouflage nets or figures to distract(!)

I have a suspicion that deep within my stash I acquired some Friuls for this.

Thanks John.

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If not it would make a great burned out, a few wheels and tracks blown off project.

It would indeed, but I’m not too sure that I could bring that off - far too much work! My original plan was to have it towing one of these:

reflecting a picture in an old British Army manual about the Soviet Army; the picture was an aerial shot so I suspect was probabaly taken by the Chipmunk aircraft operating out of Berlin and flying up and down the corridors snapping away. Anyway, that’s the plan - one day(!)

I would love to have an artillery piece towed behind , what companies do modern russian guns ?