Mud Movers Campaign

OK folks, it’s time to get this one off the ground, but not too far off! Welcome to the Mud Movers Campaign and thanks to Mark for leading it! The campaign will run from 1 December, 2020 to 6 September, 2021 and will highlight aircraft who’s job it was to help out the ground troops. Mark is our leader, and his rulings about what qualifies and what doesn’t are final!

Looking forward to seeing some good ones here!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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This should be fun. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do for it. I was going to do a 1/48 Marine phantom for Vietnam, but I couldn’t wait to start on that kit. Now there are so many options!

And we’re off. The old thread is locked before I could reply. Now I dig out my Corsair II and start with the photos.

I have a Breda Ba 65 to build for this campaign

Here we go.
My final entry choice - A-4M Skyhawk. Tiny wonder with bigger loadout capacity then B-17. Kit will be enhanced with Eduard PE and a lot of ordnance from Hasegawa sets.

Eduard’s add-ons are GBU-16s, Litening targeting pod, Brimstone missiles with racks and cockpit interior PE.

I’ll have to check what loadouts are possible, but at least on one training sortie GR.4 had same loadout as in box art except Sidewinders and in addition under body Litening, single Brimstone and two GBU-16s.

I’m not committing to anything, just testing the waters, but I assume airplanes such as the SB2U, SBD, and SB2C would qualify for this build?

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Those birds caused me some head scratching when I wrote up the proposal. My first thought was that they were really designed as water movers, intended to blow up ships. However, the Marines flew them in support of ground combat operation and I also accepted the A-24 Banshee. So I guess I should accept them.

Yeah, it is a bit of an grey area what to qualify and what not to qualify. Maybe dedicated close support aircraft? You also have Fw190F and Me109E that were used for close support. Another grey area.

I will probably do a Phantom, or a AB-37, or a Stuka - or something else :roll_eyes: :grin: Decisions, decisions :wink:

I have a bf110c- (6 I think?) the one with the big a cannon underneath. Would that be ok?

Wow, you’re really pushing my knowledge of non US aircraft, are you? :laughing: Sounds like the kind oof thing the folks on the ground would dream up to try and stop a tank. I’d say it’s good.

Who knows later I may join this with a A-36 Apache! :laughing:

This is the kit. In my last bout of studying the Battle of Britain I became very interested in ErPro 210 - a ground attack unit with two staffeln of Bf110s and one staffel of Bf109s equipped for dive bombing.

I dragged my kit out of the depths of the styrene dungeon tonight to air out the sprues and refamiliarise myself with the build.
I made a small start on this one a few years back, I think in one of the “Ronnie RAAF” campaigns. All that was done was trimming a few parts off the sprues and assemble some of the cockpit panels.

I will start going through the work already done and see what might need repairing or tidying up, then get on with the build.

Cheers, D

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Ok, I am going to need some help. I am an armor guy but the term mud movers got me excited so I decided to try a wingy thing. I am ordering a Tamiya 1/48th Skyraider. What PE, resin, other stuff would recommend? I am thinking a camo Air Force bird from Vietnam. Any decal recomendations? I want to put napom on the wings but the kit doesn’t come with any so I will need to source those also. Thanks for help and advice.


I’m absolutely no expert on the best 1/48th anything. Here’s what I found on Scalemates. There are 135 items listed, one or two might be available. :wave:


Greg, the Tamiya kit is very nice even straight out of the box. There is plenty of extra details to be added. I have never used any for this kit, so cannot recommend a specific set(s).

For ordnance you can look up the Hasegawa sets in 1/48. They have a number of sets with very nice ordnance incl. napalm. You can really go over the top with ordnance in a good way on a Skyraider :wink:

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! I ordered the kit, the resin canvas covered canopy opening device, Eduards BLU 27 pods, a set of Real Color paints, and a reference book so far. I am thinking about Flightline engineerings R3350 resin 3d engine. Now I will check out the Hasegawa set.

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Now I need some information. What type rockets are these long silver tubes?