Must be asleep at the wheel to miss this - Kanonenjagdpanzer / Beobachtungspanzer

I just saw this. Where have I been?

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Yeah, I think Andy’s HHQ has had it around 6 months. A guy in our model club just completed his. Really nice kit.

Greg I was just saying that to myself yesterday when I came across it on this site. :joy:
I have the Revell kit but will be getting this one now.

Great band

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I have this & it is an order of magnitude sharper than the Revel kit, (but different markets, etc.)
The tracks are solid plastic link & length, and look really good.



This was a great news when it was released. Revell model is basic and quite wrong. You need a couple of aftermaket items to get a correct German vehicle. PSM did some.
Hopefully the various Raketenjagdpanzer will follow the regular KaJaPa.


I err intend* to do the Das Werk KaJaPa and the Amusing Hobby Spahpanzer RU 251 as early vanilla, and the various Revell ones festooned with camo & branches…

The round ‘mushroom’ item with holes in that is on the rear of the engine deck of the KaJaPa is the exhaust!

*Intend :rofl: