My 2022 builds

Hi all - Here are the models I managed to complete this year . I started the year with something unusual for me - a foray into the dark , dark world of auto modeling. A very scary place .

Model Factory Hiro 1/12 Alfetta

Model Factory Hiro 1/9 BSA
FineMolds 1/48 Mitsubishi Karigane.

Tamiya 1/48 V1

Eduard 1/48 Fw 190 dual build.

Build logs for the Alfetta, BSA and Karigane posted here on Kitmaker.
Hope 2022 was a good year for all .
Cheers- Richard


Saw your Alfetta blog…that’s hands-down one of the best auto models I’ve seen.

BSA looks good too.

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All beautiful builds Richard, and your Build Log threads were full of awesome info as well.

Looking forward to following your efforts in 2023!

Cheers, D

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Thanks gents for the interest and compliments!

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