My First Aircraft Build - Airfix 1/72 Consolidated B-24 Liberator

Mukund, Best of luck with this old kit. Just think of us from the previous generation who tried to build this kit without all of the modern conveniences of abundant research materials, unique chemicals for filling, detailing and painting. And wonder why 52 years later, we’re still trying to improve our art.
Do the best you can, learn from your mistakes, try not to make them again, and promise yourself to do better on the next build. :wave:

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One wonders if a new B-24 will be Airfix’s big announcement at Telford this year… :thinking: and I’d say a HP Hampden might not be too far off either… :shushing_face:

We’re all with you Brother. I build this one mannnnny years ago. Don’t forget the nose weight… oh, and don’t forget the nose weight.

It you want to know what is possible, look at the thread on building the B-17 Luscious Lady. Just scroll to the start and enjoy.
Use this kit to practice on. Don’t worry it will turn out well and you will have a better idea for your next build.

There is a rule that a newly tooled kit will only be released once you have COMPLETED your build. Don’t forget that Murfey’s Law thing, it is just the standard build process with a label.


Thanks Greg. Not sounding my own horn, yet there sure is a lot of solid advice for new aircraft modelers. Cheers MuKund.

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Post your build photo’s we are all interested!!

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Thank you very much @HGBARNES for the support and encouragement :+1: Noted. “Nose-Weight” check. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow @TopSmith Thanks for sharing the link. Absolutely fantastic. Enjoyed the build progress. A great deal to learn and a delight to follow the issues and how he has addressed those niggles to deliver a stunning model. Thanks again. I am grateful for the advancements in communication and digital media without which such achievements would not have gotten such wide spread recognition…

I am taking my time in the build. Most of the time is spent in on-line search, collecting references and trying to learn more on aircrafts, engines, variations… My exposure to aircrafts is next to nothing. A lot to learn about planes in general , which aircrafts operated where and in the build- sequences… Sure I will be posting the progress here,.

Have a Great Day.

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An update on my first Aircraft adventure… I now know for fact that I know NOTHING on the history, aviation and technology or anything related to aircrafts… Each and every step is a challenge :rofl: :joy:
But in spite of all this I think I am enjoying the build. I have glued, filled, sanded, primed and base coated the B-24. I do not have a clue on what I am going to depict…Because I have not referred any … Except for a couple of pictures. As long as It resembles a B-24 with some Indian markings, I should be happy I think :innocent:

Since I do not know many things with the aircraft build, there is no nagging feeling of missed out ejection points, Wrong colors in the interior, forgotten cables, seat belts etc… So This build is enjoyable :slight_smile:

I learnt gap filling, painting even before completing the build :roll_eyes: scribing, and closing the hatches where ever you dont want people to see :laughing: :joy: :grin:

Still lot of work to be done But I will do those after some time… I am waiting for some Indian Roundels and decal sheet… Keep the comments coming, Let me know what I could have done differently…

Modified all the guns fitment so that they could be slotted in after painting, finishing. Checked and looks OK so far…
Not sure the yellow on the propellers, I should have checked some references and confirmed… Looks I am off (painted almost 1/4 of the length?)
The canopy finishing was a nightmare… Finally decided to use masking tape strips and coated with Klear. Not sure this is ok…
My layman test shows that there may not be any nose weight required. But will add a few grams to be sure…
Just sprayed wheel well with internal color. So no-one will be allowed near to inspect :slight_smile:
Have a Great Day and Thanks for watching…


Nice job. I have a B-24D to build soon but not Airfix. The yellow on the prop tips was 4 inches, so in 72nd scale that would be .05 inches or about 1/16 of an inch, you went way too far with the yellow. But the build is still a “work of art”!!! John


Thanks @JOHNien for the kind words and the info :+1:. I will correct them anyways.

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If you use more tape there won’t be any over spray, yellow gets everywhere. Looking nice Sir!!!

Makund I noticed in one of the early cockpit pictures you had the nose wheel retracted in the “in flight” position. Are you doing this with the wheels up and “in flight”? If so why would you need nose weight? John

That’s looking great.
You’ve got a really nice smooth finish on that.

You’re inspiring to pull mine out of the attic and see what I can do with it.

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Hi @JOHNien Yes. I ket the nose wheel folded… but that is just for painting / convenience… The nose wheel is ( as Airfix says :roll_eyes: ) workable. I need to fix a pin and drop down the nose wheel for posing…
As you noticed the nose cone area / gunners cages mounting are modified so that I can slot them in after finishing. But they will be fixed and not able to rotate … but that is fine with me.
I found a way to add some weight if required using white glue… Thanks for your heads-up else I would have learnt that leason a hard way… :+1:


Yes please @phantom_phanatic I will be eagerly following your build… Since all the issues are known, nothing much is expected… That is making the build more enjoyable :grin:


Small update on my build…Tried to fix the canopy frame painting. Fixed the yellow on the propeller. Decals are yet to be applied…

Thanks for watching…


Wicked paint job! looks much larger and intricate than the scale. Try using a tooth pick to push the over paint off the windows. Looks fantastic.


Thank you @HGBARNES for the kind words…
I see few areas I could have done better. But learnt a lot with this build. Compared to this I find Armor Build looks like a breeze… Lot of planning and sequencing need to be done with aircraft build I think…
But in spite of the fit and and finish, I think I enjoyed it… I will be adding more aircraft builds going forward…

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And the great part is your armor builds will seem even easier now that you’ve stretched your wings, pun intended. There are plenty of aircraft models that fit better than this one, so my complements on taking on a very challenging model. Look forward to the decals.

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Great work on the paint. Especially the variation in metals.
Going to look good with the decals.