My first aircraft

Following the thread posted by @Mukund I figured I would post my first aircraft build to get some feedback and comments. Okay, we’ll not really my first aircraft, it’s my first completed aircraft since getting back into the hobby. I built a lot of aircraft as a kid, but they weren’t very good. I tried building an ICM spitfire earlier in the year and the kit was awful. So here is my first aircraft. While not done yet (I still need to decal and weather) here is the current stage. I just painted the mottle this morning. I’m decently happy with it, but I think I can approve, especially with the overspray. The kit is hobby boss’ Me-262 A1A/U5


Looks pretty good. I like it.


Looks like an airplane buddy. Good work on the mottling.

Also I have those same pants.

Thank you!

I love AK real colors! They seem to have very high color density so you barely need to use any to get good coverage


@Mead93 looks like we’re having the same issue with overspray, I’ve tried thinning my AK a tad more and lowering the air pressure but it wasn’t effective, still looking for ways to get a feathered edge. Your bird looks quite nice, it’ll look the part when the decals are in place. :+1:

Cajun :crocodile:

Maybe that’s a kilt? :grin: “Black Watch”?
Agreed. Good job! :hugs:
:grinning: :canada:

Lol I read it as paints not pants. Was super confused at @Biggles50 comment till I reread

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Thank you! I’m fairly happy with the result. These flying things have different challenges not encountered in armor so I’m finding there to be quite the learning curve

All of that seam work and rescribing gives me the shivers. I can’t just toss some mud on it. .

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I was thinking the same thing. Errors with armor can so easily be hidden with with mud or stowage. With aircraft errors stick out so much

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Wait until you try one of the metal finished aircraft like an F104 or an F86. :flushed:
By the way what are those nodes on the sides of the nose cone?

The panels just aft of the grey green nose are Alclad duraluminum. It was pain enough to get those to look good, had to sand them super smooth first.

The U5 variant was an experimental 262 with 6 instead of 4 nose Mk 108 cannons. Those two nodes will get the extra 2 cannon barrels installed. I had left them off until now.

The panels turned out well

Thanks, I think I’ll eventually take a crack at a NMF and aircraft. I have a couple P-51 and F-51 in stash, and I’ll likely one day do a star fighter. But the thought right now makes me shudder. The duraluminum is full enough to hide minor issues, but I imagine airframe aluminum would be a pain.

And multiple panel shades

Looks like a very good 262 to me … great paint all round it and nice cam scheme.

Why not?

Plenty of planes get dirty.

The 262 looks good. :+1:

Alright. Not being quite happy with the mottling, I decided to redo it. Turns out I actually had the pressure too low the first time.

I think this looks better. However, it’s still quite a contrast with the RLM 76. What’s the best way to go about toning down this camo scheme; and any scheme for that matter


Nice work, well done.

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Good work!!

My first kits were not as good as your. Nicely done!!

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