My first aircraft

My first aircraft build in a long while is currently on the bench, a P51D, AMF.

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with AMF’s - I’m planning on using at least four different shades of Alclad II metal finishes on mine - but the reality is, its just a question of surface preparation.

P-51’s are mixed metal.

I would have to look for a printed copy for fuselage sides with something similar to the different metal patterns.


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Unless you go for a volcanic ash-covered airplane… :wink:



Really good!

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I think you answered your own question. With alclad spraying metal finished is a breeze. But your surface can’t have any blemishes. The smallest seam line or sanding mistake pops right out with NMF

I agree though, people talk it up to be harder than it is

Looking Great. I was following the build and this has turned out Nice… I started of just to test my interest in Aircraft builds… This sure is addictive… I rarely go for AM stuff for my Armor builds, But with Aircrafts, I am spending more time searching for AF parts, Decals, research on squadron marking, color shades etc … It brings a totally new twist to the way I approached this hobby… Also I never managed to find as many Armor ref. photos as the aircraft photos on same time period… So getting the finish correct is another challenge :slight_smile: Enjoying every moment of this… Thanks for sharing …

I like mixing up afv and aircraft builds. Afv builds can take months which sometimes feels like a grind. But aircraft, especially older Tamiya type can be churned out!

After following your Tamiya Bf-109 build I’m very tempted to pick up their Bf-109 E4. How did you find the Tamiya bf-109?

Thanks @Mead93 I built Tamiya’s 109 E3. I picked that up after reading lot of reviews and being an older kit, it was reasonably priced as well… It is a breeze to build… Perfect fit… Their E4 might be better still… Since it practically builds itself, we can concentrate our efforts and try few challenging weathering, paint schemes etc… Looking forward to your build…:slight_smile:

That’s what I’m looking for, I need to practice the basics of aircraft some more! My 262 went up in a ball of flames when my decal setter ate my paint. Trying to fix the paint destroyed the decals! I think I’ll pick up the E4 and try an aircraft build going back to basics

If the paint was acrylics , denatured alcohol does a good job of removing the paint. Just repaint. Give it a few days to take the edge off the frustration. the 262’s were newish aircraft so fading and the like would be minimal. However most of the pictures of them that I see show a flat sheen to the paint.



Good call, I cooled off. Stripped the wings and repainted. All in all took about two hours so not bad

To replace the wrecked decals I cut masks for balkencruez and swastikas with my cricut


Got the markings down, I’m really happy with how it went. And very glad I salvaged this bird.
Cricut cut masks and sprayed


Underside balkencruez done. These were a bit trickier to mask, as the mask needed 3 parts but I’m pretty happy with them. Port wing one is ever so slightly crooked, but I’ll live with it.


Awesome job, I love it.

Thank you! Im pretty happy with it

pretty good for a “first” :slightly_smiling_face: