My ultimate 1/350 Yamato - Operation Ten-gō 1945

One small and last update of this weekend: I made the etched walkway around the funnel toward the searchlights. As the etched walkway from TAMYA´s etched set is without railings and pretty simple looking I opted to use KA-MODEL´s one which is much more sophisticated looking but also trickier to build

Thats it finally for this weekend, have a nice start into the new week. Hopefully we do not have any bankers in our rows :sweat_smile: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


That funnel is a model kit in its own right … … It looks superb Thomas :+1::+1:


The replacement for the Funnel is just simply stunning. it adds to an already impressive Build…Cheers mark

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Major update today with many pics: As I finished all building together the main superstructrue I made the gun belt superstructure around the citadel

I spraypainted everything with Kure grey and treated everything with Black glaze and a careful drybrush with light grey. First were the tiny Type 95 Kai 1 machine gun control towers and their inner life

Second in line were the six searchlights. Details were great but all is very very fragile!

Then there were the two Type 85 machine gun fire control towers between the two searchlights at the funnel

Followed by the 4.5 mtr. rangefinder Type 94 for high angle fire control fitted at frame 125 and 4.5 mtr. rangefinder fitted at frame 146

4.5 mtr. rangefinder Type 94 for high angle fire control

4.5 mtr. rangefinder

I applied the white painted chrysanthemum crest at the funnel which was carried during Yamato´s last sortie, glued the funnel on top of the base superstructure and fixed all these tiny searchlights and turrets. During this works the etched gangway between the funnel and the outer machine gun controllers broke apart had had to be fixed again but now everything is finished.

Next will be painting those sisal bags, producing even more triple AA-guns for the open emplacements and fix the superstructure and the gun belt structure atop the ship´s deck

Cheers :saluting_face:


Very impressive Thomas ! Thanks for sharing.

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Wow …that is amazing Thomas, and so super detailed… They all look brilliant… You deserve a gold medal after this … What a superb build … :+1::+1::+1:

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Thomas, this beauty is looking better and better! I especially like the effect of your painting. The parts have depth and character without the excessive contrasts or heavy weathering so often seen.

Please, take a moment and give us a little tutorial on how you do your painting (what products you use, specific techniques, pitfalls, etc.) Inquiring minds want to know! :grinning:

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Agree with Tim - the painting really “pops”. Lovely work.

Great progress Thomas,

Those 3d printed parts with the weathering on really pop and add depth.

Cheers, Si


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Great progress Thomas
and simply stunning work!
The superstructure just looks splendid!


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