NATO Camo help

Ok, trying to clear this M109 out of the shelf of shame.

Canada had a brief dalliance with NATO camo between using our own 3 tone and just going straight green.

I’ve never done anything in NATO cam before and decided it would be a good excuse to practice on this otherwise uninspiring kit.

I am however having a hell of a time finding good reference photos. We ditched our 109s ages ago and the few pictures in museums in NATO cam are all single angle and crap quality. The M109 is also the only colour plate that I haven’t been able to find from the old Armoured Acorn site.

Not caring tooo much for accuracy, and ignoring the overspray that I need to fix, does this look convincing enough?

If it’s way out to lunch say so, I’m perfectly open to starting this from scratch.


Looks nice whatever the outcome Don. I think if the 3 tone was only used for a brief spell you should allow yourself a bit of artistic licence and once the decals are on it and its weathered a bit it will be great.

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You’re too kind as always John. And you’re probably right. I already have visions of…

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4730776)

so the base probably doesn’t matter as much as it currently sits in my brain.

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I may still have photos of the scheme from when I chiefed an M109 myself. If not I painted one using the references I had at the time. (Over twenty years ago) While I don’t think models make good references, at least in this case I know the cammo is right. I’ll get back with you late this afternoon one way of the other. The faded black is spot on by the way.

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I did see that one Greg thank you. I try not to use models as references because you never knew who painted them but that does look pretty solid.

Also I love starting conversations with you guys because someone always has a random factoid to toss out there.

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Oh cheers buddy.

I think I was so focused on trying to find images of vehicles in Canadian service that I didn’t really think to just go for the bigger target :man_facepalming:

Now, to repaint or not to repaint. That is the question. I think I may meet somewhere in the middle and just touch things up a bit.

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I think your paint scheme fits right in Don … looks good

From the US Tech Bulletin TB43-0209 on the NATO 3-Color scheme.

Legend: 1 = Black, 2 = Green, 3 = Brown


The above chart matches my 25 year old model pretty well. I guess you can use it. :slight_smile:

This thing needs a good dusting and some repairs. Glad I dragged it out.


Anyone want to pontificate on that 8” of bare metal on the barrel? Or is that the section that recoils?

Yes. And from what I have seen, see above, sometimes it is painted, sometimes it is bare metal.


Ooohhhh that would be very nice…

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Thanks for all the help everyone.

The beast is looking more like what I envisioned and it only cost me 2/3 of a brand new pot of NATO Green because I am an absolute feckless mongrel and sometimes my incompetence amazes even my self. Fortunately the mess was mostly contained to my spray booth.


Very nice, looks the business Don. a nice blend of colours and nice scheme, the faded NATO black looks very good as well.

Don’t care how you got there, that looks amazing!


That Paint job looks amazing! Looks like my 1/1 scale M109! One niggly point, you need to change the tracks for a Cdn M109. AFV Club makes a nice M109 Diehl set.

I know :man_facepalming:

The kit tracks were absolute crap (and also wrong) so I grabbed these and then realized I had ordered the American ones anyway….

'Love the paint finish! However, and I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade here, but are the smoke dischargers appropriate for the vehicle you’re modelling? Are they not purely for Bundeswehr versions? More than happy to be put back in my box of course, especially if I’ve missed the obvious.