Naval Air Campaign

Naval Air Campaign proposal.

I’ve been out of the loop for a while now and am trying to get my feet wet (pun intended) again. To that end, I’m proposing a very broad topic.

2022 is 80 years from 1942, one of the most consequential years in Naval avaiation. So, this campaign would be about Naval Air, any aircraft assigned to a Navy. Land or carrier based, any era or nationality, any scale, as long as it belongs to a naval unit. The campaign will last 9 months and will start on April 1st.

Let me know what you think!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the idea but have to many irons in the fire.

Sounds great, what scales are you looking at allowing participation?

I’d be up for it.
Got several Vietnam era US Navy aircraft planned for this year (how does that saying about mice and men go again?), so may as well join in with one here.

@#$%^&* I was trying to not get overcommitted to campaigns this year. :roll_eyes: There are 7 Wildcats alone begging to get built, another 7 Crusaders, 6 Dauntlases, 4 Corsairs, 4 Helldivers, 3 Skyrays, 2 Hellcats, 2 Vikings. Oh Damn, if you include the Marines I have over 100 unbuilt kits for Naval Aviation alone. How depressing.
OK, I’m in, probably with a Wildcat, prefer later in the year, at least March, :wave:


Lots of great aircraft there! But you can’t go wrong with a Wildcat.

Any scale. I changed the description to add that.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m very interested in the topic. I over-committed in 2021 so I don’t want to say a definite yes.

Glad to see you posting again, Michael.

I’m in the same boat :frowning: over committed. If it was late in the year I might be able to.

Have 2 avengers, and a dauntless. I wouldn’t likely build up the dauntless

i’m interested

I’m wondering about the Flyhawk Dauntless. Anyone built that yet? I’d like to do one of them that landed on Henderson after they couldn’t return to Enterprise at that battle down there in the Fall of 42 (Eastern Solomons?). Don’t know if there are appropriate decals for that…

Looks like a fair amount of interest here, but some concern about the start date. How about if I slip it to June? Would that be better for everyone?

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


That would work for me.
Gives me chance to finish current projects. I’ve been looking at the Airfix Skyhawks in my pile. One to build with a buddy refueling pod and I have a C conversion set for another. Think it’s time I finally did them.

I’d probably be able to make that timeline work, I have 6 campaigns lined up for the year but I plan to build 3 in the next little while then leave them for painting.

Quick question, would this B-25 be acceptable?

While not specifically a naval plane this B-25 named Red Wrath fought in the pacific and had a documented history of attacking Japanese shipping with its nose cannons. If not I’ll probably build my F4U Corsair but thought I’d check if the B-25 is good? Been itching to build it.

Edit: just reread the description, so I’ll assume the B-25 is a no go

UMM, not to be helpful, but what about a PBJ-1D?


B-25 where rename PBJ for Navy and Marines. I don’t recall the difference between the D and H but the PBJ-1H had the 4 nose gun and cannon as I recall. I would have do more research if that kit can be used.

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I’ll look into it! Definitely an option. Though I like the 4 nose cannons, and it looks like the D doesn’t have

As @Tank_1812 suggested, I’ll do some research.

If I can’t make it work, I have a few other options, including a couple avengers, a Corsair and a dauntless

Edit: looks like Red Wrath was a hybrid somewhere between a D and an H. It had 4 nose mounted MG but was they are in a different configuration than the H and it has a glass nose instead of a solid one. I think it would take some work to convert. I’ll build my hobby boss F4U instead as one attached to the USS bunker hill in the solomons

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Yeah, sorry. Much as I love the Mitchell and as nice a kit as that is, unless it’s converted to a PBJ, it won’t fit this one. But the F4U sure would!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a problem! I should have read the description closer!

I have enough naval aircraft to build something else that aligns. It’ll either be the F4U or my accurate miniatures TBM-3 avenger from the USS bunker hill during Okinawa

Might check a real source but I think the 4 MG in a glass nose is a J model. :wave: