Need Help with a modern European farmer figure

I am having a problem trying to find a figure that will work with the Ukraine war dio I am building.

I had envisioned a farmer hooking up the tow cables from the BMP to the tractor, but can’t find any figure that seems to work.

I have found this modern Eastern European farmer, but he is just standing there doing nothing.

It seems most farmer figures are either doing nothing or waving, or are obviously in WWII-era clothing, not modern. Does anyone have any other ideas before I start hacking up figures to make what I am thinking about?

SKP makes one as well. Maybe it would be easier to replace the arms on that one…


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My farmer figure is driving. I had to find a suitable resin military figure and just shave his clothing down to “civilianize” him. If I had waited a bit I could have used more of it with no changes as some of them are now wearing helmets and body armor.
No link to mine though. it’s your thread, not mine.

SKP had tractor driving figure

OOP I believe. I got him for the Thunder Case Tractor along with the one Frenchy posted.

@HeavyArty Did you look at mechanic figures?

Yes, I have looked under "mechanic’, “civilian”, “farmer”, “worker”, etc., etc… I may be just too picky. Most workers and mechanics are obviously WWII-rea or military guys. Generic ones are lightly clothed. I am specifically looking for a farmer in winter clothing. Oh well, the quest continues.

I still recommend a military figure. There’s a wide range between Oliver Wendell Douglas and Farmer Hoggett. Mine fits in the middle of that spectrum - Trousers shaved down to blue jeans, torso shaved down to M65 field jacket with lead foil pocket flaps added. Boots remain for now but may change to trimmed down WWII Wehrmacht boots to represent rubber boots.

I am thinking the same direction. I am looking at WWII Soviet figures that may work once modified.

You might be interested in the MIG Russian Hooligan and change the arms to hook up your cables.

Another might be the Russian tanker in German Parka and change the helmet head.

I am looking at the below figures to possibly modify with different heads. I think they look pretty good and don’t really have any gear on. The standing guy could be holding a shotgun as a lookout.

Maybe this guy below putting on gloves (with new head) together with Fat Ivan above would work too.

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Or left as is. The poor Ruscists have actually reintroduced the PPSh-41 in Ukraine. Given all the other items they’ve donated it seems plausible that one or two have fallen into use against themselves.

I agree and ordered the two WWII Russians above. Now the wait to get them in. Thanks for the help guys.