Need some help IDing emblem

Possibly related to this guy’s Cult of the Absurd Hats?

Not to be worn in the presence of dogs.

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For sale in an Iranian auto parts shop


What did that poor horse do to deserve throwing all those saw blades at it?

ADAC (ADAC - Wikipedia) and
RAC (Royal Automobile Club - Wikipedia) The British royal car club.
The Swedish equivalent is KAK (Kungliga Automobil Klubben)
The shield shape however does not resemble anything the RAC has used (round badge with something that looks like a cogwheel as circumference). ADAC also has other designs.
Since the shield shape, crenellations and the edges are the same I think this is some “local” design invented by some entrepreneur.
The word ‘ashtray’ keeps popping up in my mind

Whoa. I never knew Swedes repelled enemy cavalry by throwing ash trays at them. The things I learn in these forums.

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Those are cogwheels, my home town (Arvika) has a tradition of industry (big yellow wheel loaders with Volvo written on them and the old BV 202 articulated tracked over-snow vehicle).
The horse is a nod to Arvikas reputation as a horse trading town (often in the less honest sense …)
there is also a possibility that it refers to the mythological figure Näcken, a naked fiddle player sitting in rapids in creeks and rivers, luring unwary humans into the water and drowning them.
Näcken was often also portrayed as a white horse. Being ‘näck’ is another phrase for having no clothes on …
Some Swedish mythological creatures to watch out for:

Used to scare kids away from the dangers of deep water, the forest, yada, yada …

So, in conclusion:
I come from an area where industrious and slightly dangerous people live …

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The instagram account seems to be selling automotive related bits and pieces, from spare parts to key-fobs

Photo with some more variants of the basic shield



:white_check_mark: Arm of the castle

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A whole load of the things:

That instagram account also claims that all of these items are produced by them.
Forget the shield and its shape.
Still no clue as to what that eagle represents, the items around it are all car related:

There are several claims around this item. One says Nissan (on an Iranian Insta account) , the other says Ford Thunderbird (Etsy).