Need some help IDing emblem

Hey folks can anyone help Identify this Emblem? It has me and lot of people stumped lol

German eagle and polish/swedish crowns, that’s all we know

It was found at a American junk yard apparently

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Ford Thunderbird emblem ? :thinking:

Or what ?



Thanks buddy

I don’t think it is a Ford Thunderbird emblem. That emblem was never associated with the car from what I can tell. No idea what it is though.

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That looks Luftwaffe? Maybe Not Ford with 3 lions.

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Ya i was thinking the same but i cant find it any were at all so lol

My goof…this is T Bird emblem

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Found this German Crest Badge on E Bay? Military I think.

I still guess it’s car-related…

Here’s another one for sale


Translating the page, it says it is an emblem from an Iran Khodro Safa. Iran Khodro is an Iranian auto manufacturer.

Disregard. Apparently, the web site above or translation are totally off. I can’t find any Iran Khodro vehicle with that emblem on it.


Indeed, but AFAIK they’ve never released a model called Safa…The one in the picture you’ve posted is a Peykan, based on the Hillman Hunter ( )


Oh well, so much for automatic translation software; not always correct.

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On a side note, the grille badge on the one you’ve posted appears to be an original Hillman (Rootes Group) badge like this one

It seems that Iranian Peykan owners sometimes swap their badge for a British one…


I’m doing my part!

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A good photo of the reverse along with some sort of scale might help.

Given the background (a paper towel?), it appears to be only about a half to three-quarters of an inch tall, but it’s really impossible to judge.

Is it a pin-back emblem intended to be worn or was it glued or mechanically attached to something else? Does it appear to be a keychain “dongle”? What’s it made of? Looks like die-case and chromed metal, but, again, hard to tell from just one picture.

The “devil is in the details,” but my best guess would be a European city municipal coat of arms. The highly stylized design of the eagle suggests a possible Middle Eastern origin (Baathist Party?).

However, the overall design seems to follow the standard rules of heraldry and it lacks any typical Islamic symbology (no stars or crescents), so I’d start looking at city-municipal coats of arm in European then East European countries. Vert shield embattled, eagle rising, gules blaze of three crowns.

Don’t leave us hanging when you find the answer!

The photo you posted yesterday disappeared for me, but the shape was totally different than the emblem we’re looking at.

That was my thought yesterday. I haven’t done any searching, but I’d bet it ends up being European, likely Swedish.

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Nope. None of ours.
Our shields have rounded bottom and eagles are very rare.
The town I grew up in

You would know! But I’m going by the three crowns.

Our crowns are designed differently.
Swedish wikipedia but images are universal.
Two state “weapon shields” the big one and the small one.

Our three crowns:

Not even close to the neo-brutalistic design of the shield in question.

My wild guess is some kind of product decoration, maybe a trademark