New 1/35 Leopard 2A7V from Tamiya at Nuremberg toy fair

Excuse me if this was posted already but just saw this on FB. Supposedly, newly tooled with the PE sheet included. The metal barrel is a separate aftermarket item unfortunately.


I knew this since quite a while, but couldn´t talk. Tamiya did their research last year at Bad Frankenhausen based Panzerbataillon.393. For me Tamiya kit it is.


Hermann, to be clear, you’re saying that you’d choose the Tamiya kit over the new Border or RFM offerings of Leo 2A7Vs?

I choose Tamiya everytime over other companies, yes.
btw, it´s a totally new kit.


i must admit I’m the same, I’m not a fan of these 1000 part kits or 2-3 parts to make up one track link.


You miss out on a lot of better kits then. Tamiya is definitely not the best in detail and accuracy. They cut corners and have soft details on most kits. I will usually avoid them if someone else makes a kit of whatever subject I am looking for. Not a Tamiya fanboy. To each thier own though.


I’m a fan of their approach. Much as I love Rye, Meng etc. I also appreciate kits that don’t have 2000+ parts.

In this case I’ll defintely choose Tamiya over Rye or Border.


So what was the response from viewers in Nuremburg? Someone has to have started reviewing the kit online.

New 1/35 Tamiya releases are always noteworthy in Wade’s World, even if they eventually prove not purchase worthy depending on the subject matter. There’s a lot of fun in comparison between how different manufacturers approach the same subject matter in my experience.

It’s really a blast to compare say a Tamiya Pz III or whatever, with Dragon’s, RFM’s, Takom & Academy. It’s also fun to build each and then have a well informed opinion of the various kits instead of just an opinion based in one’s personal preferences. What looks good in the box can prove to be crappy. Truth is in the building not the looking.

The 1,200+ part kits with six parts per track link etc have their place for those that like that sort of build. Likewise, the Tamiya style kits have their place. The Tamiya new tool releases have proved fun builds in my experience. It was easy enough to add fiddle bit details to a well designed newer Tamiya kit if I wanted more details.

I’ll happily add 1,200+ parts to a Tamiya kit if I like the kit and like the subject matter enough to care that much. I usually prefer 300 part kit and my 1,200+ part detail solutions to a manufacturers 1,200+ part solution. We all have our preferences. Build what one likes the way one wants to build.

I usually like the typical new Tamiya and RFM kit solution myself.

Looking forward to the Leo 2 A7V discussion.


For me, it comes down to how much fun it is to build and my mood at the time. Sometimes I LIKE a Meng or RFM kit where I can mindlessly process track parts, while other times I very much prefer the ease of shaking the Tamiya box and having a nicely detailed model fall out.


oh i agree but i prefer the painting and detailing of a kit rather than the assembly process but it’s horses for courses.

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We will see what Tamiya puts out. Their Leo2A6 was touted as really good until RFM and others put out more detailed versions. I am guessing this version will be an accurate A7 since they did the measurements and tooling recently.


Looks like they finally decided to go real clear plastic part periscopes instead of thin plastic film that you cut out. Also happy they included PE. Was thinking about getting the RFM kit, but now, I’ll wait for this. A lot easier build trumps a ton of small parts and PE to deal with.

For accuracy, I don’t expect an issue, since it’s new tool. The main issues with Tamiya’s previous Leo 2A5 and 2A6 was that they are out of date for the various configuration changes over time since the kits were released. It also looks like they have the full stowage around and behind the loader’s hatch.


Interesting to see what this new Tamiya kit will be like.

Can hardly believe that I still consider the Tamiya Leo 2A5 to be ’new’ as it was released some 20+ years ago.
Built two of them at the time, the first using the HKCW conversion for a Strv 122 and the second as a regular Bundeswehr 2A5 with extra detailing here and there.

Fun builds, and time sure flies.


Looks nice, is that cloth or PE on the turret side? You can see through it to the other decal

Update, It’s PE, I can see the fret on the parts pic

I was scrolling along to see if someone said this. There’s nothing like tossing the glue and tools in the box and giving it the 'ol Tamiya shake after building some 2000 part monstrosity, I find it refreshing.


I don’t have to many Tamiya armor kits to say about its comparison to other manufacturers but they do dominate the “best in market” rank when it comes to their 1/32 aircraft kits. Their A team goes to work double time.

They knock the ball out of the park everytime after their wonderful 1/32 F-16C kit and I’ll wait patiently for their next new 1/32 subject. :grin:

Now this is a welcome surprise !
I also prefer Tamiya kits if the subject is available … I built a few Leo 2A 5/6 and they came out just as good. I do not concur that Tamiya kits are less accurate, detailed etc., it always depends on how complicated you have to/want to make your build.
Did two JgPz IV 70s recently, one Dragon and the other from Tamiya … honestly … the Tamiya gives you almost the same results with less unnecessary hardship of assembling many more “Fragment” to then look identical as the other one solid piece.
And Tamiya kits have a perfect fit … I don’t even need to glue the upper and lower hull parts.
Of course I always improve when a substantial gain is achieved … but having 500+ parts doesn’t immediately guarantee superiority or vast improvements.

On the other hand I still stick with the DRAGON M1A1/2 kits because as nice as the competitors offers may be I can’t identify any vast improvements … I only use them for “Kit bashing” newer features like Dozer Blade, CWS etc.

Here is a Tamiya kit I did 2 decades ago … PSM Engine compartment and improve d Anti -Skid surface.
I’ll the this new 2A7V over any competing offer.



it doesn’t have “rubber” tracks


i actually like the rubber band option, it saves messing around with 200 indy links. even the link and length types seem to give me issues and it’s usually on the left-hand side as you are looking at the front of the tank.