New 1/35 Leopard 2A7V from Tamiya at Nuremberg toy fair

Heresy it may be, but I actually like rubber tracks(!)

Not that I’m after the Leo 2A7V.


I’ll wait for someone else to do the analysis, then purchase whatever decent model shows up at half price. I’m kinda kidding but that really has become the pattern.

With regards accuracy versus ease of construction, I favor accuracy. Well designed and accurate is best.

If a model includes vinyl tires or vinyl tracks, I add the price of replacement parts to the model. If that total price exceeds the cost of something more interesting, the model with the vinyl loses.

In my opinion, most modern model companies are striving for a very high bar. It is a target rich environment.


More photos here


I really hope this discussion doesn’t go into the deep ends of shake n bake kit vs. “rivet counter” tirade [again].

What I was hoping was some happiness that another new tooled kit of a modern armor is coming [instead of another Panzer, Tiger, or Stug (too much hope? Haha) and perhaps some constructive critique of the kit when more photos become available?

As for me, I’ll probably end up buying 2 of Border Leo 2A7V, 2 of RFM 2A7V, and 2 of this Tamiya release to add more to my stash and spend all the money from 3D modeling. :laughing: :laughing:


You make an excellent point: Why make the discussion an OR when it can be an AND?


The box art for the kit says “snap together assembly type tracks”, which seems to imply that the individual links for making the front and rear runs up to the idler and drive sprocket are workable instead of glue together? Be interesting to see how this comes out.


So did I…when I was 10 years old :wink:

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Some more photos of the initial kit parts/sprues from FB’s Tamiya Magazine group:


Tamiya quality!


Where are the pics of the knock out marks? :laughing:


LOL!, I was going to ask for a picture of the opposite side of the tracks for exactly that reason!

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Don’t forget the inside of hatches!


Tamiya quality and not too expensive. :slightly_smiling_face:


Tamiya Germany has this kit in their online shop from May 2024 on for 59,99 Euros …
1:35 KPz Leopard 2 A7V online kaufen | Tamiya
… and the extra gun for 20,49 Euros
1:35 Alu Geschützrohr Leopard 2 A7V online kaufen | Tamiya

As a “Leo 2 child” I probably get one :slightly_smiling_face:

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No interest in Border’s version?

The box art is a bit boring but not important:

The metal barrel at 20.5 Euros seems to be an overkill when the kit’s solid plastic one looks sufficient and there are cheaper metal AM versions already on the market.

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it looks as though there are two versions of head gear for the provided figures. one version looks like a new helmet. Any closeups out there?

Border’s is good, too I read. Someone already posted his build on FB - the only issue he faced was the decals being too thin and weak. Otherwise, everything went smoothly apparently. Tamiya’s decal should be better (based on their reputation).

Photo courtesy: Rick's 1/35 Scale Model's


I predict it will become cheaper from Asian hobby retail outlets later in the year - especially with Yen being weak nowadays. Lucky for us. :slight_smile:

No, Dan. Building military vehicles is just a “side playground” for me, I don’t take it as serious as others. I’m more into WW2 aircraft.
And Border is chinese, Tamiya is japanese. That makes a difference for me …

I will only buy the basic kit and leave the metal out. But on my MCV Type 16 some years ago I bought the metal gun and here it was worth to spend the 18 Euros extra.