New airbrush

ordered a new airbrush and it arrived yesterday. i had seen several great reviews on youtube on it and for $39 i figured why not check it out
it is the Neoeco. you get .2 .3 AND .5 needles four different size color cups, extra o rings, quick disconnect.

what is even better is how the nozzle works. no need for a wrench to remove it. it self seats, no snapping,screwing or tightening. makes for easy quick needle change and cleaning.

so i went to the booth to test it and i have to say it works pretty good. i first tried the .3 needle with some hataka lacquer paint thinned with their thinner. it sprayed even, smooth and covered nicely. i was even able to make some fine lines

Next i switched to the .2 needle and some gunze aqueous with no retarder added. i got no tip drying, no loss of flow and able spray fine lines at 12 psi.

i still need to play with it some more obviously but as of now i would say it is a good solid AB at a great price. i am planning on building the tide stock car and it has a soft demarcation line between the orange and yellow. i am planning to try it out on it.
i am curious if this company has any connection with the iawata neo.



I have two; red and black. I find them a bit easier to work with than my Iwata CS, which cost more than the two combined. I also bought their set of extra needles and caps as they were pretty cheap for the set as well.

I set the Iwata to be my broad spray by putting the largest needle in it, and the Neodeo’s will run the two smaller sizes.

I doubt there is any connection between this company and Iwata; Neo gets attached to a lot of products because it means ‘new’ basically. You can buy Neo Pokémon cards but I wouldn’t try to paint with them.

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Never heard of this brand but it certainly looks a comprehensive AB for a very reasonable price. Thank you for the detailed review :+1:!

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They’ve been around a while. I bought my first almost a year ago.


I saw your work on that Italian airplane, so I know you really know what you’re doing with an airbrush. I’ve been wondering about these, and Ghalleri airbrushes, for a while. This looks like a decent brush and $39 is chump change in today’s market. Definitely worth a go. I think I’ll be getting one. Thanks for the intel.

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I just bought one. Money well spent.

I also got two of them, worth every penny.
I polished the needles with some chrome polish and they perfom flawless.
Very easy cleanup.