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Where is the tutorial people mention?

On the old board it was starkly clear which messages topics were new or received new activity since my last visit, and those topics were at the top of the list. Here, it is not clear at all. Can I change a setting to highlight the new activity? I thought the New tab at top would do that but it doesn’t reset when I leave and come back, plus it includes everything new on all boards, not just Armorama…


On my screen, there is a line in red across the page that says “last visit”, everything above it is new since your last visit. Also, the newest posts pop to the top just like before.

Small addition to what Gino wrote
Visit this thread, selected since it has many posts in it, and play with the little
elevator thingy on the right side. It shows a timeline so it is easy to find that reply
from five days ago:

The image above was inserted here by doing a screen capture with the standard Windows 10 tool
and then pasted with ctrl-v. I had copied the link to that other thread so I thought I was pasting the link but the screen capture tool injects itself into the paste buffer so the image just jumped in here.

The link to the thread links directly to a single post. The link ends with /29/14 which means the 14th post of 29, this can be edited to select any post in the thread.
Removing the /nr/nr completely gives a plain old link to the topic

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Hi Kurt,
Also if you are in the Armorama category the “new” tab at the top does just show new posts for Armorama fyi.

Also as noted on that screenshot any topic that has had new replies in it which you haven’t yet read is in black and the topics you have viewed are in grey.