NEWS: 1/35 ICM Ukraine Female Fighters


The two running the drone look good. The other two are boring and typical female poses for model companies. Why not have them doing something other than taking a selfie? Female soldiers do just as much as male soldiers; why not show that?


When I first read this, I thought of Ukrainian female snipers, some reportedly legendary on the battlefield.

ICM makes a 1/16 modern Ukrainian soldier…I hope that they continue their 1/16 modern soldier line.

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i must admit i was a little disappointed in these figures and their poses, i would have thought more of a combat action pose would have been a more interesting choice.


Parcel and Royal Model have done guys doing selfies. I see nothing wrong with ICM wanting to start here with female warriors. Could be so much worse.


Agree the selfie angle is a bit clixhed, but l would think as its styrene, minimal work needed to turn that pair into something else, e.g. loading the little one up on to a truck or similar

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Are they doing fish lips while taking selfies ?
Accuracy is important…


I am still surprised at how small 1/35 scale for figures actually is.

I come back to thinking…I used to build figures in 1/35 scale?

I now sometimes even consider 75mm (1/24) scale small for figures…

Soldiers can be off-duty and dioramas don’t always depict combat.

Yes they can be. You are missing my point, which is why do model companies almost always depict female soldiers as doing nothing or as Barbie Dolls w/guns? It is a common theme. As I said, they do just as much as male soldiers, but are not usually depicted doing anything.

Look here for examples:
1/35 female soldier for sale | eBay

In this particular case, ICM (a Ukrainian kit manufacturer) have depicted two of these female soldiers in a combat role and two who aren’t. Seems like a fair enough balance to me.

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I’ll agree with you there. It is better than most, see link above for most examples.