NEWS: 1/35 Meng AH-64 Apaches

Another surprise helo model is coming. Meng Models is to produce a 1/35 scale Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow and they have kindly posted lots of renders on their Facebook page.

Hopefully both Meng and Takom will continue with their 1/35 helos after their initial offerings.


More great news. Been waiting a long time for 1/35th Apache, wonder what manufacturer will be next to bring one out!

Thanks for the heads up Gino.

Yup, more the merrier. I’d like to see a comparison review between Meng’s and Takom’s in the near future.

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Wow ! This one looks very detailled. :+1:

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If they will choose to continue to produce helicopter kits, I hope they will not stop AFV kits.
This Meng kit has an impressive level of details. Now need some pilots to go with it.


gonna be a wild year for choppers! I’d have rather seen a 1/35th scale H34 or another Huey.

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I’ll be in for one these, then I will dump the Revell kit with the Flightpath upgrade set.

After doing the Kitty Hawk SH-60B, this would be a natural next chopper. I like how it looks and won’t need to much aftermarket. What fun!

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OK, what? Just after Takom announced theirs? Coincidence?

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but the Takom will be out first. Meng’s is for 2023.

Sold. While I’m sure this kit will be considerably more expensive than the Takom, this one has all the things that open and shut, plus the folding rotors. Actually making it displayable. Win.

This looks very nice and will be grabbing one when they release and look forward to some build reviews of both new kits.

Kinda makes you wonder how/where Meng got all this engineering detail to make such a fine kit! :wink:

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Don’t know if anyone noticed, or how much it affects the kit, but the box does say it’s made under license from Boeing. So maybe that might have a positive impact on the accuracy.

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I have noticed too there is a name for the helicopter serie kits and the Apache is the kit number 4 of this serie.

Saw that too. Hopefully we will see more 1/35 helos from Meng. Maybe a Huey or two, keep your fingers crossed.

Yes, an UH1N and UH1Y for iraqi freedom and Afghanistan theaters, good idea.
An OH58D Kiowa Warrior like the ones on the boxart would be welcome too !

And for a french touch, why not an helicopter “Tigre” ! :grinning:

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+1 on the “Venom” Huey; please. Make it one of ours, Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron One (VMX-1)

Meng has released sprue shots of their upcoming AH-64D Apache. It looks pretty nice.

More pics here:
Meng AH-64D Apache Longbow | Armorama™.

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Looks very good !