NEWS ALERT: Black Friday Model Kit Sales Best Time of Year to Save!

NEWS ALERT: Once a year, and only once a year, many online shops, vendors, garage kit makers, 3D printers, and sellers have a Holiday sale around American Thanksgiving the week of November 21st (November 23-28). This happens all around the world. In fact, some vendors have started a pre-Black Friday sale early right now. Savings of 10-50% off are possible so these coming weeks is the time to save. They announce their sales on Facebook, email, and on their Home Page.

Do NOT wait for Christmas sales because many vendors choose to go on vacation during Christmas and New Year’s and thus there is no sale at the end of the year because no one is manning the shop, or the savings are less because the stock has been mostly sold around Black Friday.

As always, please spend responsibly. :grinning:


Also don’t forget Cyber Monday Sales are the Monday following Turkey Day, you can find lots of good deals online :+1: :smiley:

Cajun :crocodile:

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According to, "As the theme of the crash between Snowman and MENG, Snowman took the lead in releasing a big move. First, if you buy Apache, you can buy the follow-up Mi-28 at a preferential price, and then give a free wing kit during the reservation period. Full of sincerity, after the discount is 270+ The price is more cost-effective. For this kind of crash, I hope there will be more.

No connection to either party, but I know some here will want one or both. I’ll wait for the Mi 28 now it’s been announced.

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A word of caution about vendors during this time of the year.

Remember not to order from any of the vendors listed below! They have been under the PA Attorney General’s lawsuit and investigation. I just saw another modeler being scammed by them on FB posting - one of those uninformed modelers (unfortunately, this happens every year still). B/c these scums own a number of modeling websites that take your money and either never send your purchases or take forever to fulfill, so you could easily miss them and lured by their low prices.

Internet Hobbies,
Hobby Models,
Hobby Wheels,
Hobby Rails,
Hobby Book Depot,
Red Star Hobbies,
Military Model Depot,
Model Airplane Depot,
Model Railroad Depot,
Model Ship Depot,
Gundam World Online,
Model Kit Closeouts and
Model Train Closeouts

are all bad news.

For more background info:…/internet-hobbies…/17429



Some sales extended to Cyber Monday and until the end of this week.