News: Kinetic M3A3 Bradley Resissue

Kinetic has reissued their M3A3 Bradley CFV with more appropriate T157i “Big Foot” (single square pad) tracks. It also still includes the T161 tracks and sprockets on the H sprue. So you get two sets of tracks in the kit. Nice.

This is a welcomed addition to the Bradley stable. Hopefully they will come out with more versions in the future.

It looks like they are reissuing/updating all of their earlier 1/35 offerings, including their earlier M3A3 CFV w/T161 tracks.



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That’s cool. I have one in the stash and was toying with hunting them on eBay. No longer needed for the time being!

Need…schmeed! I just want one! :grin:

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The one thing that should be released out there is the T-161 tracks that are currently in use on the A3 Bradleys.

kinetic was the only company that added these tracks to their M3A3.

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I agree. I talked to Raymond at Kinetic/Lucky Model about releasing them as a separate set. Hopefully he will.

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I want one too !

I don’t have one these yet in the stash. How is the quality and accuracy of the Kinetic kits?

About on par with Meng’s Bradleys. You can read about it here, at the bottom of the first post.

Thanks for the link.

My Tamiya M2 Bradley IFV. Nice model for what it is. Simple, not a lot of detail…

In comparison; the Meng M2A3 BUSK is a superior model in terms of detail.

I still have a Tamiya M2A2 Bradley, pre ODS model release on my build stash; I’ll probably get to it later.


I look forward to being able to add this too my stash but may have to wait a while as I have 31 models yet to make and feel I can’t justify adding another . I think the wife might have something too say.

Only 31?? That is just a start. I have almost that many Bradleys. O.K., not that many, but quite a few. My whole stash is 100 ++…

Luckily, my wife has hobbies too, so a few more isn’t an issue. I sell a few and rotate the stock now and then too.


I can see you need help showing your wife that 31 is a very tiny stash. I have 300 kits + aftermarket sets - all US artillery and armor. One of my modeling friends has over 2000 aircraft kits and another thinks he is approaching 5000 aircraft and ship kits.

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5000 ?! Wow !

Man, I feel the stress draining away with only 110 kits in the stash. At 110 I can still claim to be a builder. Much more than that and I would start drifting into becoming a collector. If I built 4 kits a year that would be 27 years from now…I’m 66 so… yeah…keep the stash at 100 ish.

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