NEWS: The Three-Body Problem Natural Selection Model Kit (Spaceship)

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This spaceship is from the NETFLIX 8-Episode film series “Three-Body Problem.”


Neat! That is a slightly more realistic spaceship than most. On first view, I thought it was made of legos.


For anyone who subscribes to NETFLIX, I highly recommend watching the eight episode series.

I haven’t finished watching the series, but it is based on a novel and is very clever, dealing with theories and laws of physics and quantum mechanics, entanglement, computing, and alien species and survival.


I found the books a bit boring, but I admit I am a bit jaded as I have been reading and collecting SF books for over forty years and after a couple thousand books you hit most of the plot devices.


I think I enjoyed the series more than the books.

Have just finished the Jacob’s Ladder trilogy by Elizabeth Bear today, and found it thoroughly enjoyable. Also been working my way through all the Ian M Banks books again, after a few decades in some cases, and feel like I am reading completely new books. As a wise person once said “it’s not the book that’s changed, it’s the reader”…

Well, a totally different facet of science fiction perhaps, but that spaceship sort of reminds me of the Dan Dare ride, Tempus Frangit (Dan Dare being the eponymous space hero in the comic-strip series in “Eagle for Boys” comic way back in the day (no gender confusion regarding reading material back then(!)

There is a Chinese series called ‘Three Bodies’. It was aired in January 2023. There are 30(!) episodes, including the first book. I really liked it, it develops better than Netflix’s. The second season has already entered production.

I think that you may be correct here @Edson_Alves. I’m on the last episode of NETFLIX’s “Three Body Problem” and I’ll let you know if I see the spaceship.

It may be the “Three Bodies” 30 episode series that you mentioned instead of NETFLIX’s that has this spaceship.

No! The ship is from the Netflix show. The 1st season of the Chinese series ends before the ship launch event. I’m really curious to see how they will portray it.

I finished all eight episodes on NETFLIX and the spaceship is not in the series. I don’t know where they came up with it.


Sorry, I was wrong. I don’t know too where they got this design.

I won’t give it away, but the method by which they can communicate instantly with someone four light years away is actually based on proven quantum physics.

The second series is already in production. Tentative air date is sometime in 2026, although they say it may possibly be 2025. Either way that means I’m going to have to watch season 1 all over again. As for the ship, I imagine it’s already been designed, and digital as well as tangible models have already been built. It could be someone leaked it to stoke interest, did it for money, laps dances, or just wanted to be that guy. Who knows?

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Its a very good series. I liked the fact they kept part of the Chinese element in it as opposed to totally westernising it all. Its about time we had a decent SciFi series … takes your mind off the dross that is Rings of Power … mind you … I am hoping they sort the new season of the Expanse … That was a top series.


If only my centre of mass (?) was that stable…


I agree, and I realized that the model kit spaceship could be a design emanating from the to-be-released Seasons 2 or 3.