News to me : ICM 1/35 Unimog 404

Saw this on :

Also a 1/35 Bell АН-1G Cobra and Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe

A CH-54 in 1/35 scale … wow




Wow! There is a Modelling God!


Oh shut the fridge door(don’t want to be sweary)… If that comes off I’ll be having more than one…
Soo many options and an absolute boon for AM conversions and what ever else. I might actually even start on a Landsverk APC…

The Unimog 404 will also be developed from scratch and we will probably have a choice of several body styles in both cases. taken from the link. I see a Belgian SF mothership there, or a Kiwi truck, hopefully. Or some crappy Somali technical. You choose

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Well, apart from the obvious Bundeswehr users, there were also the French, Belgians, and even the Brits in the Berlin Bde - nice shiny Bronze Green:

Berlin Bde Unimog (1)

And don’t forget Rhodesian vehicles. I’ve said it before, we live in great modelling times.

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FANTASTIC NEWS! The highlight of the year for me. Absolutely love this truck. One of my favourites since l first saw one. I wonder if they do deals on bulk purchases lol.

Regards Jason

A 1/35 Skycrane - that would be impressive. Even if I’m not an aircraft guy, even if ICM’s fit is not the greatest, I would most certainly get one. I could convert the ceiling fan in my studio to take the rotor blades and have it hovering over the room…

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Well that is a nice surprise!

Unimog 404 - great news !!

Announced and discussed on the Aeroscale Rotary Wing Forum a couple month ago.