NEWS: Trumpeter 1/35 AH-64A announced

Trumpeter has announced a 1/35 AH-64A Apache in the works. They showed sprues at a local IPMS show in China recently.

It looks pretty good at first glance. We’ll see how it turns out.

With the addition of this kit and those from Meng and Takom, you will be able to build any of the past or current Apache versions used. It is a good day to be a helicopter modeler.


Nice! I’m hoping to see Trumpeter do a 1/35 CH-53 and a 1/35 HH-3 USCG Pelican as well. As some may remember, a number of years back, I believe Panda models announced a 1/35 CH-53-but unfortunately, it never happened.


Perfect. I can finish my “Driving throught the river” diorama without having to use the IMEX kit.
Just like the case of the new M103, patience pays off. Some things you just know are coming because it makes sense.

Blimey, a 1/35 CH-53 would be a serious chunk of polystyrene. An absolutely massive kit I would imagine.

A 1/35 CH-53 would be around the same size as the CH-54 in 1/35.

I don’t think it was Panda. The only one I ever heard of was vaporware a few years ago (2003??) by a company calling themselves Night Flight Models. It never materialized and the company went out of business…or never started business. Here is a thread form 2003 where the owner of Night Flight announced that it is not happening.

1/35 CH-53 - FineScale Modeler

I think many modellers would be happy to see a Sea King or Choctaw as well.

funny you hsould say that…

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When it rains it pours I suppose. We couldn’t get a decent 1/35 scale Apache for 30 years and now we’ll have 3 different manufacturers release one in the span of two years.
And incredibly we’re still waiting on someone, anyone to do an MH-47 larger than 1/72😭

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Yes we need a 1/35 MH-47 and a CH-47F and a 1/35 a AH-58D/OH-58D