Nuremberg 2023 Show

Has anybody come across new releases announcements from this weekend’s Nuremberg Toy Show? The show ended today, and usually by this point in time there are photos on various sites of the various companies’ announced future releases that were on display. So far, the usually suspects are all quiet.

35 minutes of German language video walkaround by MBK

I was hoping more for lists than a video… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Doesn’t look like anything “new” in the video. Everything he shows has already been announced or shown elsewhere. I think with the internet and companies announcing new items there (here), the importance of the Nuremberg show has waned. That used to be where to introduce new items. It doesn’t seem to be so anymore.

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New items get announced more or less every week of the year so waiting for Nuremberg, or any of the other shows, is a thing of the past

ah, but its still nice to see it all in one place… usually with the prototype. I guess I’m just old fashioned when it comes to the Nuremberg and Shizuoka shows.