Oil/water mixable paint

Anyone with experience in using these

Brand name??

Marie’s,a cheapie


Says made in china

No personal, first hand experience, but no one I know who has used them has had anything good to say.

They do seem to me to be sort of a “neither fish nor fowl” kind of thing… If you want water based tube paints, just use artist acrylics. If you want oil based tube paints, just use those. If you want really slow drying water based tube paints, mix in some acrylic retarder to the artist tube acrylics.

Then again, I am an old cynic with such things.


Nothing wrong with being an old cynic :wink: :rofl:

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Hi I use water mixable oil in my other hobby, i paint badly but keep trying! I imagine that you wish to use these for weathering ie washs etc. My advice would if you are going to use these is not to use water but the brand appropriate thinner.I use w&n oils so use their water mixable oil thinner. This ensures you don’t lose the colour as mixing with water ,depending on how much you use can change the colour slightly. You could if you want a better flow rate try mixing with the water mixable oil mediums in the range , saffron oil etc. Never thought of using them on my models before but I’m going to have a go ,can’t see any reason that they won’t plus the added bonus of no bad and unhealthy fumes and smells. Hope this has been some help.

First off, l am in your dept,never thought of water mixable thinner,so I reckon that makes me noob of the week and the saffron oil,genius!i can’t express enough the trick you showed this old dog. I wanted the shy brilliance of oils without the odor.in 95 I gave oils a shot on a panzer 4 ,I did a base coat of Polly S panzer grey the began the oils,almost gave up,because of drying time,then discovered Japan drier,so now the race was on,layer after layer I discovered something new and workable dry time was less than half.it earned me a 3rd,place at the ipms nationals in Albuquerque.forgive what seems as bragging,though I was truly proud.thank you so much for your awesome response.

Glad to be of help.