Old picture galleries

Are all my photos from the old areoscale website and forum still available somewhere?

Hi Jonathan,
The old sites have been archived and their content is available here: https://archive.aeroscale.net/

If you are referring to any images in your personal gallery area, those images were also archived but are not easily accessible as the pages of the gallery themselves were not archived, only the image directories were saved.

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It appears only the first page of a build log or post has photos restored/archived. The photos on the rest of the pages do not show. This issue is across all the forums, not just Aeroscale.


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While there are images that are not correctly referenced, that particular example is not a problem with the archive, but that the images were deleted or not available via photobucket at the time of the archive.

For example this image:


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Hmm, ok, strange, but ok.

Jim - I have to chime in here! - NOT OK!

I continue (to this day) to pay $12.49 per month to Photobucket JUST SO I can guarantee that my photos are available to those wanting to use the archive. There has never been a time when my photos were unavailable to the Armorama system.

(You have told me perviously that this effort would not be necessary but I do it anyway.)

I also continue, to this day, to find my many “archived” Build Articles, New Product Reviews and How-To Articles to almost always be missing part, or even more often, ALL the extensive custom product photography I personally created at a great investment of time, if not money, in a concerted effort (in a past life) to support and expand the success of this very website, that same photography is now GONE! However all those images are still present and viewable on my Photobucket site!)

Example: I just attempted to view one of my construction articles in the archives “That HEMTT crane” all the text was there but NO photos!

My apologies again, but from what I experienced trying to archive sites as large as Armorama and KitMaker at large, there is never a scenario where the archiving software doesn’t miss pages or foul up something in the archive process. So it was never going to be a case of 100% of the pages and sites being fully archived. That’s just the reality I had to work with. For Armorama it’s the best result we could get. For some of the other sites like Historicus Forma there was a mistake on my part using the option to shorten or simplify image names that caused a problem with the eventual process of moving to a single archive. That could be corrected in future by me reconstituting the network or that site on my own server at home and re-archiving all over again. I just haven’t had the time to get to that project as yet.

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Since my photos are ALL still available from the original ISP host can this be corrected?

Give me a link to the page or pages in question and I will see what can be done.

Will do! Thank You!

Do you need just the link to each thread or the link to each page - a couple of my how-to’s have 35+ pages?

The first would be :
“THAT” Italleri HEMMT crane" (Only two pages.)

Archive Link:



I know this is something you probably have no control over but . . . .

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Uhh… I guess not. Must be a Google conspiracy. :slight_smile:

I just did a quick check for some of the images. The two I looked at near the start of the thread are NOT available via Photobucket. Which is why they would not have been archived. You might want to check your account to see if these have been removed or the URL’s have changed.



Hello and Season’s Greetings

Have you been having any trouble uploading images to the site?

Since just before Christmas I have been able to upload text only.
Any images I attempt never finish processing.
Have tried resizing, re-saving, re-naming and also testing with an older image - nothing.

I have an older Apple computer so maybe this is Apple’s way of forcing me to buy a newer one but I have had no known system updates recently so I would not think that to be the problem.

Not having difficulties with any other online applications.

Any advice???

No issue posting pics.

There is a good chance if you are still using an older OS with Mac that there is some component (likely a less secure than optimal one) that the developers of this software are blocking or not allowing to open potential unsecure connections to the server, etc.

That has already happened for example for people using the ridiculously outdated Internet Explorer which has basically been obsolete for a decade now.

Jim, Michael, also having issues uploading pictures since about two weeks ago. They say processing and that’s as far as they get.

Running Safari on an iPad air (1st Gen) with the last OS 12.5.5 that’s supported on my device.
I only have access to a PC when at work and yes I can post pictures from there but only have very limited time/use to do so and only if no one is around (weekends or nights)

That is my deepest fear concerning this issue.

I will see if I can’t switch over to the Chrome browser to see if I fair better.

Thanks for the response.

Mike K.

Bulldog ~ that is my issue as well.

I use an older MacBook Pro running OS 10.13.6 (the latest available for my Mac.) and Safari 13.1.2 (again the latest available that I can use.)

Over Christmas weekend I just stopped being able to upload photos to Armorama.


Mike K.

Based on issues we have run into in the past, the developers of Discourse are VERY security minded and will actively suppress any vulnerabilities found in unsupported OS from the past. Your OS hasn’t been supported/updated by Apple since November of 2020 so there is a good chance this is why photo uploading is not working for you. It could of course also be an issue with Safari so I would definitely try other browser options just in case that is so.

Best wishes,