Old picture galleries

Are all my photos from the old areoscale website and forum still available somewhere?

Hi Jonathan,
The old sites have been archived and their content is available here: https://archive.aeroscale.net/

If you are referring to any images in your personal gallery area, those images were also archived but are not easily accessible as the pages of the gallery themselves were not archived, only the image directories were saved.

Best wishes,

It appears only the first page of a build log or post has photos restored/archived. The photos on the rest of the pages do not show. This issue is across all the forums, not just Aeroscale.


While there are images that are not correctly referenced, that particular example is not a problem with the archive, but that the images were deleted or not available via photobucket at the time of the archive.

For example this image:


Hmm, ok, strange, but ok.