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Aside from Ebay, Amazon, Spru Brother ,and Scale hobbyist ,where do you order your models from ? preferably from the US . Ive looked at mega models but they seem expensive . any others you can recommed ? Thanks !

Sprue Bros and Scale Hobbyist definitely the best .
I have just started using Hobby-world USA also because they carry Gunze Aqueous paints - they are primarily a paint/finish supply but they offer a few kits as well . STAY AWAY from Internet Hobbies - ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE and DISHONEST.


I have also used HobbyLinc (the Atlanta one, not the Japan one). They have a nice selection but are painfully slow. My FIL gets train stuff from them and also thinks they are very slow.

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I’ve used scale hobbyist, sprue brothers, and hobby easy a few times. All have been excellent to deal with!

As for my he above stay away from Internet hobbies, hobby models, etc. These websites are all run by the same crooks. They have super low BBB ratings and tons of complaints of taking money without ever sending product. I got screwed by them early last year but was able to get my money back from visa. Gave my money to scale hobbyist instead and got a kit I had trouble finding elsewhere

Kitlinx. Owned by the former Great Models guy, Loic. Reasonable pricing, good selection.


Thanks Phil , Ive used Hobbylinc for paints and a few Model kits , they are SLOW !

Thank you ! Ill give them a try .

I’ve had the following experiences with ordering online. The Good, the Bad & the ugly :slight_smile:

Tamiya USA - Fast service, free shipping, outstanding deals when stuff is on sale.

Sprue Brothers - as we all know is outstanding

Dragon USA - Online - :us: USA, when stuff is on sale there are good deals, also the daily Triple D (been a couple of years since I’ve ordered from them)

MicroMark - :us: USA, sort of slow but everything arrived. Good products and tools.

M&Models - :us: USA, overall good, had one order in the past that was a total disaster but M&Models excellent customer service got the issue sorted out. :+1:

Squadron - :us: USA :snail: slow slow, quit buying from them long time ago. Always got items eventually.

Non - USA vendors

Plastic Model Store - :ukraine: Ukraine, ordered Sector35 white metal tracks (very nice, will buy again, kicks Friulmodellismo’s butt) received items, good customer service, would order again, patience required it takes a little longer to arrive, very happy with items

Aber - eBay, :poland: Poland, excellent, fast shipping considering the distance, A+, have made several recent purchases

The Bovington Tank Museum - in :uk: United Kingdom, nice selection especially of books etc, not the least expensive but the money is going to support the museum. I’m happy with paying a little more to support this outstanding museum. Have made one purchase recently. A+

My biggest issue - I wish there were a one stop shop for everything I want. I can get most stuff from SprueBrothers or ScaleHobbyist, but not everything. Shipping costs add up…

Mostly EBAY, then HobbyLinkJapan, and BNA (Australia). Smattering of others depending on need/opportunity/subject matter. Tools, supplies, Micro Mark is primary. Consumables: any source at hand, availability, price.

I get most of my tools from UMM-USA.

I second Sprue Bros, Scalehobbist, M&M Models.

From what I have read Squadron Hobby is no longer in business



Yes , they are done .

Hey Lou

Good selection


I’ve used HobbyLinc in Atlanta. Their site shows what’s in stock so you know you aren’t going to content with back orders. Here in Australia I’m using BNA. Great service. Web site shows if it’s in stock. Huge range. Fair prices.

Hi Tony . Thanks !

Thank you !

Ordered from them after your suggestion ,Tony . very happy with them . Has my model in 6 days ! also ordered some figures from Spru Bro. very fast delivery ! Thanks everyone !