Once Upon A Time In The West

1880’s western US…the widow Titzengrabben (a recent European immigrant) and daughter are paid a visit by a prospective suitor (a drunken cowboy) by announcing his presence, and intentions, by firing a couple of shots through the window. Widow Titzengrabben is having none of that, and exercising the Second, and Standing her Ground, takes care of the situation (although an all-male jury might conclude otherwise!) :roll_eyes:

Forgot to mention, figures are Master Box, accessories are Mini Art, Tamiya, etc. Cabin is scratch.


That turned out really good!
The figures and ground work look spot on.

Well done! Interesting family name. I might be related.

Yeah I got a kick out of the name too. What part of Germany is she from?

Looks like you did a great job on it and it is interesting, but does it really belong on Armorama? What does it have to do with armor and armored vehicles, etc…?? It really doesn’t

I moved it to the Figures/Historicus Forma for you.

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Nice and different diorama. Definitely belongs in the Figures/Historicus Forma.
The painting on the clothing is very good (patterns and all) The leather chaps on the cowboy look very realistic and the horses’ coloring looks very realistic also.
Well done all around.


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“So… does this mean rabbit stew is out of the question, ma’am?”

Brilliant! Love all the attention to detail!:beer:


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Outstanding. Love all the details like the hen and chic running away, scratch built house, rabbits, and bullet holes in the window, and esp the patterns on, widow Titzengrabben’s dress and apron. I tried patterns ona figure I’m working on right now and well… didn’t work.

Well…it’s a bit of a stretch, but there are weapons in evidence, the horse counts as a vehicle, violence has taken place and there is a casualty. :grin:


… and 1:35 :grin:

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…and the chaps count as some armor! :grin:

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Nice, interesting and fresh! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, all! It was a fun build as well as a learning experience by trying out different building and painting techniques. Master Box has some interesting recent releases, including a couple of sets of Eastern Woodland Natives (Mohawk/Iroquois?) which are just begging for a French and Indian War dio.

Great piece of work B.

That’s a great scene Biggles- nicely laid out- it tells a story and the finish is excellent. I particularly like the chicken running out of the way!

Great movie… great music score… great dio to complete the trio. :+1:

Great Work, loving the details.

Grtx Jan